Alison Kathryn Evans

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    • Basic Safeguarding Awareness Training
    • Certificate in Rewind Technique
    • Certificate of Attendance in Anger Management Training

    How I can help you

    Having a safe place to work through your thoughts and feelings is often the first step towards making sense of your situation and establishing a long lasting solution.

    What to expect

    Prompt, courteous, warm, non-judemental, open communication with a highly skilled and empathic counsellor committed to supporting you through your difficulties and asssisting you in making progress.

    About me

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss how talking therapy can positively impact your situation and help you make sense of and work through any difficulties that you may be experiencing.

    In 2004, I decided to add academic knowledge to my life experience and establish a career as a Professional Counselling Practitioner, providing therapy from a Person-Centered background with an eclectic dynamic. 

    This means that I work with an assortment of therapeutic approaches and techniques that suit the requirements of each individual, some of which is client led or non-directive.

    In addition to this, I offer a Directive, Solution-Focused Approach, including CBT, Brief Therapy and the Rewind Technique for clients with PTSD, flashbacks, anxiety and unwanted involuntary thoughts.

    I have worked on a voluntary basis with people who are drug and alcohol dependent, including prisoners and their families and I have extensive experience in the field of sexual abuse. I have provided short and long-term therapy to men, women, boys and girls at RASA Merseyside for 6 years and continue to do so in my private practice.

    I have counselled young people based at a High School and Primary School, University students, worked with the aged, the bereaved, those struggling with mental ill-health, male and female survivors of sexual abuse, perpatrators of sexual abuse, couples, families, children and young people, those  suffering trauma from road traffic and other accidents, broken relationships, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, loss of confidence, low self-esteem, disordered eating, self-harm and various other life issues.

    To date, my work experience is varied and interesting and I am fully committed to supporting people through counselling and therapeutic progression. 

    The areas I have experience in includes: Dissociative Disorder, sexual violence, children (working with RASA), University students (including in professional development), offenders on probation, and clients involved with accidents, amongst many others.

    I provide counselling face to face, by telephone and by web-cam.

    I encourage you to ask any questions you  may have about the kind of work I offer and how therapeutic intervention can assist you in your situation.
     You can send me an message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to do so, usually within 24 hours.

    I do have availability during the week, weekends and in the afternoon which may be arranged in advance due to other work duties and responsibilities. 
    On occasions I can provide sessions at very short notice.

    Please leave a message for me and I will be in touch as soon as I pick it up.

    My skype ID is Alison.Kathryn.Evans and my work contact number is 07941 508 729.

    In the event that I am unable to connect with you via Plus Guidence, I can provide sessions (which have been pre booked and paid for at Plus Guidence ) via the telephone or by Web-cam.
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