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     Life is a journey in which we all have our share of good and bad experiences. Sometimes the bad experiences can overwhelm and leave us in place where we feel bruised and unable to cope. In my private practice I am offering you a safe, non-judgemental, supportive setting, where together we can explore your experience, enabling you to develop a new personal understanding of yourself, giving you the tools to overcome your present and future difficulties.

    What to expect

    I am emphatic, understanding and genuine and, although I may disagree with you sometimes and even challenge your ways of thinking, I am not critical or judgemental but strive to walk by your side as you confront your problems. We will be working together in enabling you to reach your desired goals. 

    About me

    I’m an experienced counsellor /psychotherapist working in private practice. I've studied psychology and started working in a private psychological practice in 2003.  I've followed the prestigious master’s degree programme at Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca where I've studied clinical psychology, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. In January 2015 I've succeeded setting up my own private practice and since I've had the privilege to offer support, help people overcome emotional difficulties, and got involved in lots of exciting projects. Before setting up my own practice, I've worked as a psychologist for 7 years, offering different types of evaluations and counselling services. I’ve offered counselling services to people suffering with depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, and couples counselling. I've offered professional orientation services to young people, I’ve conducted psychological assessments for people working in high risk environments, people requiring gun permits, professional selection, head hunt, evaluation for community policemen, and psychological evaluations for qualified drivers. 

    I'm focused on offering therapy for depression and anxiety disorders using mostly cognitive behavioural techniques. I also offer counselling to people requiring support in overcoming present difficulties in their lives. I'm interested in helping children develop their social and emotional capabilities so they learn from early stages how to handle their emotions in a more adaptive and healthy way.  As it's never too late to learn, I'm organising workshops for general population, interested in getting to know themselves better and understand the mechanisms behind their emotions. I'm offering a parenting course, enabling parents to use cognitive-behavioural techniques to improve the parent-child relationship.

    I’m registered with British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (687037) and I am a member of British Psychological Society (285938) and COPSI (01981 Colegiul Psihologilor din Romania).

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