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    • Graduate Diploma in Grief & Palliative Care Counselling
    • Certificate in Applied Studies in Working with Bereaved Children
    • Graduate Certificate in Grief & Palliative Care Counselling

    How I can help you

    B4 Dawn Bereavement Service ( was born from the idea that no one should have to journey through their grief alone. Having meaningful relationships and loving others is a core part of our existence and when such relationships become severed through a death the pain is a crushing. At B4 Dawn we want to walk along side you in this difficult time, not to tell you move on or how to get over it, but to listen and provide a supportive space for you to talk through your concerns, memories, heartache. We believe that grief is not abnormal and therefore is not a problem to ‘fix’ but rather a normal response to a life changing event. We hope that this can become a space where you can find some comfort, where you don’t have to worry about your friends or family’s reactions or have to watch what you say.

    B4 Dawn Bereavement Service has been founded in Perth, Western Australia but is currently an online service where sessions can be booked for telephone, instant message (chat) or video counselling, although face to face appointments can be arranged through request if your location allows. Through this we are hopeful that more people can access our service that do not live locally.

    What to expect

    B4 Dawn Bereavement Service is a predominantly online grief counselling support space. Our staff come from a client centred approach and provide a safe space for you to share about your loved one and journey through grief. We aim to walk alongside you through your journey, honouring your loved one & your unique relationship with them; understanding that everyone's grief takes different forms, we therefore aim to be as supportive as possible around this. We provide supportive, confidential bereavement counselling through an option of online methods: telephone, instant message (chat), email, video or face to face (upon request and dependent on location).

    We provide counselling for any age; however, if under 14yrs of age we require consent from a guardian, for bereavement through any type death.

    *PLEASE NOTE: that due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to provide any services to  American or Canadian residents currently living within the United States of America or Canada. Due to this we have listed some local supports for American & Canadian families on our Links page on our website.*

    Initial sessions involve a time for your B4 Dawn Counsellor to hear your story and start to understand what has occurred for you (and your family). It will involve your counsellor asking some questions but will mainly be them listening to your experience. First sessions are a bit longer in duration than following sessions as this is the start of the counselling relationship and we do not wish for this to be rushed.


    Telephone sessions can be convenient due to having your session from the comfort of your home. It can provide a sense of privacy and connection all in one. However, due to lack of physical presence, we request that for any telephone sessions that you have a quiet and private physical space in which to talk, along with good mobile reception (if on a mobile). Your B4 Dawn Counsellor will call you on your nominated number at the appointed time of your session.


    Online counselling sessions add a further layer of anonymity and privacy with sessions taking place completely through typing. Just like a physical conversation, online sessions take place through instant messaging where your counsellor will type (a comment, question at etc) and then you have a chance to respond likewise- almost like a continual flow of text messages. Online sessions are a bit slower in nature than telephone or face to face, which can also be a benefit or a challenge dependent on personality. Sometimes having some time to reflect, edit or take a bit more time in telling your story can be therapeutic in itself. We request for online sessions that you have a good reliable internet connection for the session and similar to telephone counselling, have a private, safe and comfortable space in which to participate in the session. Your B4 Dawn Counsellor will be in contact (through email and hour or two before the session) to confirm the session and walk you through the steps to register for the online counselling platform.


    Similar to online sessions, email counselling is slower with alot more time in between emails to reflect and to write your response. Unlike online however, email counselling is not immediate back and forth conversation but is more like chapter in a book verses a paragraph of dialogue. For email counselling, we request again that you have good internet connection and have a commitment to replying to emails within 5 days. A email session is inclusive of any emails sent within that 5 day period (therefore includes more than just one email from your counsellor). Your B4 Dawn Counsellor will endeavour to response to any reply emails in a timely manner (although this may not be immediate or the same day- particularly over weekends).


    Video counselling sessions are also reliant upon technology using a video platform to conduct the session. Video counselling is similar to programs like Skype or Facetime and provide not only audio but also a visual picture of your counsellor and yourself. To access video counselling it is important that you have access to a computer, camera and microphone, along with a stable strong internet connection. Video counselling is also conveintant as you can access support from home and similar to above we request that you have a safe, private and uninterupted space to talk throughout your session. Your B4 Dawn Counsellor will be in contact with you before your session (through email) to confirm your session and walk you through the steps to register for the video counselling platform.

    Face to Face

    Face to face counselling sessions are available, however, they are dependent upon your location, due to B4 Dawn Counsellors physical locations. Currently, face to face counselling is only available in Perth, Western Australia. We apologise for the limits around this. If you live in Perth, there are also some options around face to face counselling, whether you would like to access traditional counselling (sitting down in a room together) or walking counselling (walking and talking through a park or along the beach- although some restrictions do apply & need to be discussed with your counsellor). If face to face counselling is your possible & your preferred method your B4 Dawn Counsellor will be in touch to discuss your preference (traditional or walking) and will provide details on the location.

    About me

    My name is Kristy, and I have a great passion for bereavement counselling. I learnt early on in my life the impact that the death of a close family member can have on you, your family and friends. My own personal experience sparked my interest in learning about grief and ways to support others throughout such a difficult time. 

    I am a fully registered Psychologist- PSY0001130114 with a Bachelor of Psychology from Murdoch University, along with Postgraduate Qualifications in Counselling (Graduate Diploma from Australian College of Applied Psychology); a Graduate Diploma of Grief & Palliative Care Counselling (from the University of Adelaide) along with a Applied Studies in Counselling Bereaved Children (National Centre of Childhood Grief). I also have a great passion for creative therapies and am currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy- (primarily art therapy) from Ikon Institute. 

    Along with my study I have been working & volunteering in the field of bereavement for the last 10 years with organisations such as Bereavement Care Centre (National Centre for Childhood Grief), Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, SIDS and Kids QLD, CanTeen QLD and CanTeen WA.

    I live in Perth, Australia and am married with one little boy who is rapidly growing. I have previously lived in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne before returning back to Perth. I love the beaches and diversity in Perth, its such a beautiful place to live. I have a strong interest and passion in creative arts, reading, drawing, my family and our border collie.

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    • Location: Beeliar, Australia
    • What I help people with: (in order of expertise)
      1. Adoption
      2. Bereavement
      3. Cancer
      4. Infertility
      5. Miscarriage
      6. Pregnancy-, Birth- & Parenting-Related
      7. Terminal Illness
      8. Death & Separation
    • Therapy types I offer: (in order of most commonly practised)
      1. Humanistic Therapy
      2. Person-Centred Therapy
      3. Existential Therapy
      4. Art Therapy
      5. Play Therapy
      6. Narrative Therapy
    • Languages:
      • English
    • Qualifications verified by PlusGuidance:
      • Graduate Diploma in Grief & Palliative Care Counselling
      • Certificate in Applied Studies in Working with Bereaved Children
      • Graduate Certificate in Grief & Palliative Care Counselling
      • Graduate Diploma of Counselling
      • Bachelor of Psychology
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