How to help teens and young adults manage their mental health

With the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (the ACA) on the horizon, the future of mental health care in America is uncertain. Under the ACA, psychiatric disorders were treated as equal to non-psychiatric...

Talking about suicide to prevent isolation and the ultimate loss

Most people reading this will know of at least one person connected with themselves or their family who decided to take their own life. Statistics show that suicide is the most common cause of death in the UK...

The struggles of living with an invisible disability

A disability is a condition that limits your movements, senses or activities. This includes mental health conditions when it has a long-term impact (defined as 12+ months) on your day-to-day activities. Many...

Category - Supporting Others

You may not have come to this website to find information about your own mental health. Maybe you’ve come here to find guidance on how to help someone you know. It can be difficult to witness and be involved in someone else’s struggles, particularly if you’re close to that other person. Perhaps the other person is even opposing your efforts to help, or they are in a position where they can’t get help at all. Whatever the situation, here’s a collection of articles relevant to supporting others who are struggling.

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