Bob Brotchie

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    How I can help you

    Having walked many of the 'fires' my clients present with, I make it my mission to view your life through your eyes. I have many bespoke and unique options available to suit you - the individual and your needs. For 'in-person services, please visit my company website Anglia Counselling.

    What to expect

    A direct and proactive approach via agreed objectives, goals, and strategies - with compassion.  

    About me

    I have been involved in healthcare for over two decades and offer a wealth of experience for those life challenges and the effects of emotional neglect in childhood.

    I specialise in anxiety and stress management strategies via counselling, mindfulness or cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and you can expect a proactive session with me, whether you choose online or face-to-face at my office near Newmarket.

    I provide a completely bespoke and unique service to individuals, wholly based on your needs not mine!     

    Improving workplace performance for entrepreneurs and other leaders, guidance for domestic relationship and family challenges for the young and not so young are also welcome.

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