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    Are you feeling depressed, anxious or having issues in your relationships? It doesn't matter the situation, I can help you find effective soul-utions to your problems. That's right! SOUL-UTIONS.. because I put my soul into my work and I will help you reach into your potential to overcome the struggles of daily life and relationships. Let me help you and together we will discover that life doesnt have to be overwhelming. Book a trial session and discover the benefits of online counseling. It will be a pleasure working with you! 

    What to expect

    My services offer bilingual, affordable, and quality online counseling via email, IM or video sessions. During the sessions you will be able to explore the different angles in which you can improve the quality of our life. Guidance is key and sometimes we cant do it alone, that's why I will be there to walk you through the whole process. We will develop activities and worksheets specially designed to tackle the issue and your lifestyle. We can also implement Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques. Together we could find what method works best for you. Soon you will experience changes and will be on your way to a joyous and fullfilled life. 

    Note: The price under "Email Session" reflects my unlimited email option for two weeks. This package includes unlimited emails back and forth for one price. My response time is usually within the next hour. I will send you a reminder before the two week package is about to end so you can decide if you want to purchase another package or choose a different communication option.

    About me

    I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in New Jersey with experience in individual, group, family and marriage counseling. I offer services in both ENGLISH and SPANISH. I have a bachelor's degree in Early-Childhood Development that helps understand all types of clientele, from kids to adults of all ages. I currently provide online counseling for individuals 13 and over. 

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