Brook counselling and mentoring: It’s good to talk

Brook counselling

There are times when everyone needs the space to talk things through and to work out how they feel about things. Brook counsellors offer a non-judgmental, safe place for you to talk through anything that is of concern to you, whether that’s a big thing or something small. Our trained qualified counsellors are here to listen.

Here’s what one young person said about our counselling:

“It helped me dramatically - to find the answers I couldn’t find myself. It’s helped me to find my voice and my trust in people again. It’s helped me to start on the track of becoming myself again. It look a long time to do it though.”

Brook My Life mentoring

Brook’s My Life mentoring will support you to take more control of your life and to make the changes you want to make - it will enable you to work things out for yourself.

The mentoring programmes have been developed with young people and they give you the chance to think about the whole of your life, your dreams and ambitions help you to build your self confidence and your motivation, to build on your strengths and to help you make your life the way you want it to be. Here’s what young people have said about our My Life mentoring;

“the first thing you do is think about what it would feel like to succeed – I’ve never thought like that before – we got asked how it would feel and it felt great and I could see that it could happen that I could do things differently”

“I had never thought about me being committed to doing something – I kind of thought things just happened – it made me think that I can do things differently”

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Using our services

Using our services

You may have heard about our online service through working face-to-face with one of our team in the locations above.
As they may have explained, we are piloting our online counselling and mentoring service. If you feel able, do share your experience of using this online service with your counsellor or mentor. We’d love to have your feedback as it will help us improve.

Our professionally qualified counsellors and professionally trained mentors provide this service for free.