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    How I can help you

    Are you feeling depressed, stressed or overwhelmed with things? 

    CBT therapy is one of the most effective therapies working with emotional or behavioural difficulties. It looks at how we think about a situation and how this affects the way we act. Focuses on the thinking patterns and client´s behaviours, working  together with the client to learn new skills is part of the CBT therapy,.

    What to expect

    Psychotherapy is a process in which the therapist and client talk and work together to try to resolve the client's problems. In our first session we will try to clarify and identify what is bothering you (problem) and what would you like to get out of the therapy.

    After we have a clear understanding of the situation we want to work on, I will discuss a treatment plan providing an overview of it. 

    I am not a passive therapist, you can expect questions from me, to ask for further details, to  help you to clarify thoughts or feelings or any point regarding the treatment. I will point out how you see things or any type of resistance you have to discuss it or work on it. Clients who take an active part in their psychotherapy make more progress so I will encourage you to work with me during your sessions. 

    About me

    I´m a CBT and an existential therapist with more than 15 years of experience helping people to gain control of their lives. I have been working with people who have substance abuse, emotional problems (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder etc) and Borderline personality disorder. 

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