George Andrawis

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    • MA Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Foundations)
    • Foundation Certificate in Psychoanalysis
    • Bachelors in Criminology and Applied Psychology

    How I can help you

    People come to therapy for various reasons. Some people come to therapy because they are feeling low, experienced a traumatic episode, whilst others come to therapy for the enriching experience that it is. Therapy is not limited to poor mental health.

    It is an opportunity to get to know yourself, and why specific scenarios will cause you to behave in the manner that you do.

    It is time for you, and only you. Once a week, you are invited to flee from distractions, pressures and demands of the external world for an exploratory experience of your inner world. It is a process that allows you to spend quality time, exercising your thoughts, unconscious, and your ways of relating. It is about getting the most out of yourself, being in tune, and strengthening your awareness.

    What to expect

    In your first session, I will ask questions about what it is that brings you to therapy and what it was like growing up for you. This is my way of getting a fuller picture of you! This will also be your  chance to ask as many questions as you would like about that therapy! Once the first session is completed, sessions after that will be led by you. I will not ask leading questions and will in fact encourage you to free associate. This means that you will speak about the first thing that comes to your mind. We will then explore that in reference to the wider picture (why you feel you are accessing therapy). Trained as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, I will also explore how you choose to relate to me in your therapy as to a why to understand how you relate, perceive and interact with others outside our therapy. 

    About me

    Trained as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, my work explores the here and now through early relationships and development. This is done to help us understand themes and patterns that re-occur in our life with the aim of a more desired outcome.

    I have worked several years in the NHS in the capacity of a psychotherapist, and covered a varied spectrum of presenting problems. I have been trained at the Tavistock and Portman Trust and am a registered member of the BACP.

    The way I work is often felt beneficial to those who feel their problems originate in their early / parental relationships and feel it has an impact on [in]ability to form relationships.

    If you have questions, or would be interested in trying a free sample session do get in touch.

    • Location: London, United Kingdom
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    • What I help people with: (in order of expertise)
      1. Depression
      2. Terminal Illness
      3. Sexuality & Gender Identity Issues
      4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
      5. HIV/AIDS
      6. Domestic Violence
      7. Anxiety
      8. Emotional Abuse
      9. Abuse & Neglect
      10. Low Self-Esteem
    • Therapy types I offer: (in order of most commonly practised)
      1. Integrative Therapy
      2. Person-Centred Therapy
      3. Psychodynamic Therapy
    • Languages:
      • English
    • Qualifications verified by PlusGuidance:
      • MA Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Foundations)
      • Foundation Certificate in Psychoanalysis
      • Bachelors in Criminology and Applied Psychology
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