Training Resources recommends the Online Therapy Institute for resources and training about the delivery of online counselling and psychotherapy.

All courses are endorsed by BACP.

Our training materials in online therapy are offered via a dynamic online learning platform and offer one-to-one mentoring and feedback from Dr Kate Anthony, FBACP.

  • Looking to translate your face-to-face therapeutic skills to the online environment?
  • Needing to understand your client’s life in a digital world?
  • Wanting to be part of a dynamic learning cohort for learning support?
  • Have a busy life and want a course you can attend when you are able?

Courses are based on over 15 years of experience and training in the international online therapy field, suitable for those organisations and individual practitioners moving to an online client service via email, chat, audio and video connection, embracing social media, marketing and other technological solutions along the way to connect with clients where they are at.

£730.00pp (group rates available)

General Courses Overview:

  • History of Online Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • The Concept of Presence
  • The Online Disinhibition Effect
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Anonymity and Fantasy
  • History of Ethical Development
  • Assessment and Intake Online
  • Informed Consent and Privacy Policies
  • Maintaining a Responsible Online Presence
  • Working with Email
  • Working with Chat and Instant Messaging
  • Working with Audio Tools
  • Working with Video Tools
  • Closure and Discharge Online
  • Virtual Reality and Avatars
  • Marketing and Taking Your Services Online

We offer two central ways to take your training:

  • Certified Cyber Therapist – a 12 week structured CPD training programme (no start dates, the 12 weeks are paced by you). Assessment via a combination of short written assignments, oral conversations, experiential exercises and submission of a final Personal Learning Statement in the format of your choice. Click here for more information.
  • Certified Cyber Therapist – a self-paced structured CPD training programme. Assessment via a combination of short written assignments with written feedback, experiential exercises, and a final tutor conversation. Click here for more information.

Questions? Email Kate at to discuss which course is right for you!