Julia Woodman

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    How I can help you

    First you let me know about the situation - what you want help with - with some detail, and ask any questions you want to, then I will respond as to how I think I can help.  My main approach is person-centred so will be individualised to suit your needs.

    What to expect

    If I am on-line, you can expect a quick response, but even if I am not, you can let me know about yourself, and ask any questions you want to, then I can respond next time I am on-line.  You can see my Calendar for details.  We can then organise a brief, free, taster session before you decide if you want to book a paid session.

    About me

    I'm a Counsellor & Therapist, including Stress Management, Health & Well-being, and Nutrition.  I gently empower people to resolve issues & achieve their own sense of well-being.  Often you just need someone objective, with the appropriate knowledge and skills, to help you find your way.  I'm experienced at working with children, young people, families, couples & individuals.

    I'm also a Nutritional Therapist, with Programmes available 1:1 or via email.

    Plus I'm a Life Coach, helping people plan & reach goals, or work out how to deal with or change difficult situations.

    I'm based in Surrey, so work around this area, plus via phone, email, and live chat. I find that doing this online is very useful for many people, as it is easier to make that first contact, and also to be open enough to get what you really need out of your sessions.  It also avoids anyone having to travel so saves time, cost, and the environment.  However, if working in person, I would come to your home or other venue convenient to you, as I do not have premises.  I do also offer workplace counselling or stress management.

    I have worked with children, young people, and families, in a wide range of settings/roles (including school workshops & youth forums), as well as with couples and individuals (plus workshops in businesses).  

    I am also able to mediate where needed, for example in relationships, families, or where there are difficulties with communication or understanding.

    In counselling my approach is person-centred so I use whatever methods work best for you and your situation.  My training gave me a broad range of skills to enable me to do this effectively.  Clients usually find that my intuitive and gentle empathic manner puts them at ease, and naturally this enables us to progress particularly well together.

    I teach meditation, which is a great tool for stress busting, and for spiritual well-being.  

    I'm also a philosopher & artist, and have many inspiring quotes etc on my website.

    In life coaching I have often helped people actually define new goals as well as plan and take the steps to achieve them.

    I do offer a brief, free, initial consultation so that you can ask any questions to help you decide if you would like to work with me, and arrange how it would best suit you to continue.  I offer discounted packages available for all my work listed on here.

    My CRB/DBS clearance has been kept current for many years now, and I have an NVQ3 for workers in Schools. 


    I have a 7 month Nutritional Therapy Programme available via email, which makes it widely available, and keeps the cost down (it's only £360 for the whole thing, as opposed to £540 if you did it in person).  Due to the high level of support and feedback throughout I can only take on a max of 6 people per week though.  

    My workshops in schools (mostly creative or meditation based) are £175 for the first day or £300 for 2 days.  My workshops in businesses (mostly stress busting) are £250 for the first day & £400 for 2 days).  I can also do private workshops or meditation sessions if you can arrange a group of people at a suitable venue.  

    I have other things such as personal development guides (available via email), and books, listed on my radiance-solutions website.  

    I run a createhealth blog, and write articles for several websites.


    My new book has just appeared on Amazon - "No Paradox - Living Both In and Outside Of the Matrix: Through Consciously Evolving Our Consciousness [Theory, Exploration, Tools].

    There is a new blog especially for this - https://noparadoxblog.wordpress.com/

    • Location: Dorking, United Kingdom
    • What I help people with: (in order of expertise)
      1. Relationship Issues
      2. Self-Confidence
      3. Self-Esteem
      4. Worry
      5. Career Stress
      6. Sexual Issues
      7. Spirituality
      8. Stress
      9. Low Self-Esteem
      10. Work Stress
    • Therapy types I offer: (in order of most commonly practised)
      1. Person-Centred Therapy
      2. Couples Counselling
      3. Mindfulness Therapy
      4. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
      5. Workplace Counselling
    • Languages:
      • English
    • Qualifications verified by PlusGuidance:
      • Nutritional Therapist Diploma
      • Counselling & Stress Management Practical
      • Counselling & Stress Management Diploma
      • Brief Solution Focused Therapy Certificate
      • Life Coaching Certificate
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