Damian Sweeney

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    • DipHE Counselling
    • BSc (Hons) in Occupational Psychology
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Social Studies (Dual Diagnosis)

    How I can help you

    I can help by providing a space for you to talk about what is troubling you. The first session is free so after this we can decide together what the best way forward might be. Together we can outline the best approach that will work to give you support and relief in your current situation.  There are various payment options and plans to choose from to suit your current financial circumstances and support needs ask about my unlimited therapy packages. I use tried and tested evidence based approaches to address specific issues to get to their  underlying causes and I will  give you practical tools to use such as CBT methods which have been proved to be highly effective to help clients in a  very short  time frame thus giving you almost immediate relief.

    Scroll down to the  (About me)  section and watch a video on one of my specialisms  (addictions)  to get a flavour of who I am and how I work.

    What to expect

    You can expect the first session to be free  this is usually a 20 minute session and will consist of gathering basic information and highlighting the issue to be addressed. If clients want immediate help to address the issue this will be a paid session. You can also expect understanding, a non-judgemental attitude, sincerity, compassion and a professional attitude to my work . We will focus on your strengths to formulate the best approach to achieve maximum results. within the shortest time.

    About me

    Hello thanks for taking  the time to read my profile and I hope you will watch my video.

    I am a genuine, nonjudgemental person, with a sincere desire to help others who are finding things difficult. I keep things simple and I am straight forward and honest in my approach with clients. If you wish to contact me I will do my utmost to help and support you to my best ability.    

    I am highly trained and have a lot of personal and professional experience counselling clients. I have over Twenty years experience supporting people. I have  worked for four different mental health organisations and two addiction service providers and  am currently in a bereavement and crisis counselling role. I  have expertise helping people with addictions, trauma, mental health issues, depression. anxiety, conflict, bereavement and self development issues.. 

    You can get an idea of who I am and my approach by watching my YouTube video. How to recover from addictions.

    As you can see my approach is relaxed and informal, If you would like to chat please ( message me  )

    I will answer you as soon as possible. I offer clients a free first session to allow them to see the kind of person I am and to let them  get a feel for the process of counselling. I realise many people have not been to counselling before and  they may have some fears and anxieties around this. In this session I will listen to what is troubling you and we can discuss  how you would like to proceed. You can also find out more about me by visiting  my website at www.ni-onlinecounselling.com.  

    Personally and as a counsellor I  have a positive approach to life, I feel that there is always hope however dark situations may look at first. I realise that circumstances in life can test  and  challenge us, I feel we can help ourselves by the way we look at and process situations. However this is understandably very hard to do sometimes and needs to be learned. This can then help  us to cope, deal with and eventually move forward with our problems. I use a variety of techniques from the Person Centred,  Psychodynamic and CBT perspectives to give people the appropriate support as well as practical effective tools which will transform their current  difficulties. If you choose me you will get a person who is committed and passionate about helping others. I  am  also willing to develop my skills  knowledge, and abilities to make me more effective in this area.

    I think what makes me unique in this area is that I am willing to practice what I preach. I have also faced difficult situations and have been able to move forward with them. I am willing to take risks in my  life by following the passions and interests that excite and energise me. I have been able to move forward in my career by putting clients first and feel inspired to do so. I am a keen salsa dancer and have traveled around the world pursuing this passion.  I like to encourage clients to pursue their own passions and dreams as I know how important these are. I also have experience and knowledge around how best to achieve your own goals.           

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