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    How I can help you

    There are times when we all would benefit from having someone to talk to, and when for one reason or another we don't want to burden friends and family. We wonder if friends and family would be able to cope, or indeed if friends and family are part of the problem. Often we believe we know why we feel as we do, but even that makes little difference to how we feel, how we cope. At these times talking to a trained therapist is really helpful. We can feel worried, anxious, inadequate, stressed, fearful or depressed, no matter what our position is in life, or our age and experience, and a trained therapist will help you find a way through these difficult times.

    We can discuss how we might work, in your individual circumstances. I have worked with many more issues than those I have specified on here over the years, but in the event I don't feel I would be helpful to you, I'll tell you straight away.

    The work I do is based on a deep respect for others, a deep willingness to experience and understand what you are feeling as a valid reaction to what is going on in your life, and the willingness to work hard with you in an open, real and honest way.

    As well as counselling, I practice and teach relaxation techniques, and mindfulness techniques. Essential skills for those suffering stress and anxiety, of course, but also a useful life-skill for everyone . 

    What to expect

    What to expect! - a difficult question, as it's always unique. I usually describe counselling as "two people getting to know one person better." It's more than that, too, but really unless you have experienced good counselling it is difficult to describe it. Try comparing reading a recipe with actually  eating a wonderful meal, and you get the idea.

    New clients are usually advised to commit to six weekly sessions, because it is my experience you will feel very much better in that time. I am well used to working within a six session “budget” (which will cost between £180 and £360 for the six - we would discuss this during the first session.). Once you have talked things over with me at your first appointment, if you then decide that what I offer is just not for you, there will be no charge at all, and any payment that I have received from you will be refunded.

    Please message me before booking a session.  Session cost depends on time of day, and your income, and will be between £30 and £60. Also, although the online diary will show my expected working hours, it may not account for booked in sessions or other engagements. I am a counselling specialist,  not an IT wizard, after all.

    If we are to work online or by phone I do ask that you ensure you are in a private room, undisturbed, without pets or young children (-if they don't distract you they will certainly distract me), just as if you were meeting me face to face.

    About me

    I have worked as a therapist and coach since 1994, after ten years working as a volunteer telephone contact for an adoption charity. I was born in 1951, and my first career was in retail management. After getting an MA in Counselling, I qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, and gained my BACP Accredited Status as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. So I have a wealth of training and experience, and walk my talk - I have plenty of experience of being a client, too, so I know what it's like in your chair.

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