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    I love to see people move from point A, to point B, especially when they think they couldn't, or did not even know that there was a path from A to B.  Just like a race horse has blinkers  to keep them on track and focussed, I find that all of us also wear blinkers in many aspects of our lives.  It takes a trained listener/counsellor/therapist (which ever of these inter-changeable words you like to use) to spot those areas, and help us see things through new lenses.  

    Trained in Australia,  I've recently been working in secondary schools in Dunfermline (UK), and with young adults also.  Feeling angry, depressed, nervous, paranoid, alone, different, bullied,  un-noticed,  unhappy, or given yourself a label you don't like,  then please give counselling a go ! Been in the care system ?- you'll be understood here.  

    What to expect

    Although I am not specifically a Human Givens Therapist, I am familiar with their philosophy and use much of their theories and teachings.   I really like their no nonsense, practical checklist on ..... What to expect from a counsellor .   I prioritise these in each counselling session.  (Noting that people process things at different speeds,  items on this list occur more quickly for some, than others). Having counselled young people frequently, a super Welsh  clip about what counselling is like in schools (however the ideas are relevant to all) can be found here . 

    About me

    Raised, and living most of my life in Australia,  I have also enjoyed working  in South Africa, Zimbabwe, North America, and for around 10 years in the United Kingdom.  I have worked in the travel and tourism industry for most of my life, including starting and running a travel company for 16 years.  After re-training in Australia, counselling has been part time since 2007.  I have been a foster carer for teenagers, and a leaving care provider for 25+ years.  Travelling in most East/Southern African countries, most of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceana has opened my world.

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