Dr. John Silver

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    How I can help you

     Ask yourself:

    ~~~ Is it time to break those repetitive patterns that have caused you grief and have limited your quality of life? 

    ~~~ Is it time to reduce the conflicts you have within yourself and with others?

    ~~~ Is it time to reduce the inner pain?

    ~~~ Is it time to take risks to be what you can be?

    ~~~ Is it time to make a change?

    ~~~ Is it time to find meaning in your life?

    Let me help you on your path in life.  I'm available evenings until Midnight, Pacific Time, in Los Angeles for Office Therapy.  Online Therapy is available Globally by Appointment also until 12AM, Pacific Time.

    Dr. John Silver, Certified Online Therapist


    What to expect

    “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” -----Aristotle

    I will help you to know who you are.  I will help you to understand how the past influences your current and future behavior.  I will help you to 'connect the dots', untangle your many complexities, develop piece of mind and create an inner world which will help you to navigate the real world.

    Some Benefits of Online Therapy:  

    * Save Time, Money and Stress.  

    * Therapy from the Convenience and Comfort of your Home.  

    * No Driving, No Parking and No Doctor's Waiting Rooms.

    * Secure and Encrypted Online Therapy Offices.

    * Private, Flexible and Confidential.

    * New and Cutting-Edge.

    * Green and Environmentally Sensitive.

    “If you know the why, you can live any how.”  --------Nietzsche

    About me

    "Experience is the best teacher"------Cicero

    I have many, many years of experience as a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Online Therapist.  I'm Credentialed in Psychoanalysis, Sex Counselling, Marriage, Family and Child Counselling, Addictions and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

    I have helped people throughout the world using Online Therapy, including England, Russia, Brazil, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Canada, Barbados and Mexico to name a few as well as various states in the US.

    I have lived a very interesting personal life which has taught me much about myself, others and the world.

    * Multi-State Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counsellor

    * Online Therapist 

    * Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)

    * Sex Counsellor 

    * Professional Life Coach

    * Addictions Specialist 

    * Modern Psychoanalyst 

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