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    • BA in Counselling & Psychotherapy Studies with Philosophy
    • PgDip Professional Counselling

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    I will be back for bookings from Thursday September 14th, thank you.

    'The unexamined life is not worth living' 

    Hello there :-)

    Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time out to read my profile, I hope that you will gain an insight into who I am and what I can offer to you, by the end of viewing my page I hope that you will have a better idea if you would like to embark upon your therapeutic journey with me - I look forward to welcoming you & helping you achieve positive changes in your life together with any personal goals you may have. Together, we can explore in a safe and confidential environment your internal processes - thoughts, feelings, behaviours and really make sense of your world in order to live 'better' and work with any obstacles in your path.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon & being part of your journey into a higher level of awareness. Let's unlock your internal 'tool set' together - freedom is knowing.

    I can offer online counselling via Instant Message, Voice Call, Video Call or E-mail. I can offer Face to Face counselling sessions in the locality of either Cardiff or Penarth, South Wales, United Kingdom.

    What to expect

    My Approach; I am a fully qualified MBACP registered therapist and my main approach is person centred therapy, this means that the relationship between you and me is fundamental to making changes and seeing the shifts you want in your life. Person centred therapy is based upon a healing relationship, through a confidential space,  as a counsellor I embody the core conditions which are; empathy (more than being in your shoes - it is immersing myself into your world with an 'as if' like quality, being in your world as if it were mine) unconditional positive regard (a non-judgemental, accepting and non evaluative way of being) and congruence (being in the moment, transparent and honestly communicating my experience of whats happening in the moment) 

    I am a big believer in being at one with nature and feel that being in the fresh air outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the world can go someway to alleviating mental health issues.  Which may explain why a philosophical and existential approach to counselling is one I embody also - having studied Philosophy at both A-level & degree level and upon writing my counselling dissertation about the philosophical underpinnings of therapy based upon 'Philosophy for Counselling and Psychotherapy' (Howard, 2000) I have gained a lot of insight into how much life (and indeed the counselling process!) is all about philosophy - ethics, values, relationships with one another, the mind-body relationship - dualism (Descartes) dealing with questions such as what is there? (Metaphysics) what is existence and how to live it? (Sartre, Fromm) Freedom and how to cope with it? (Kierkegaard) it is hard to get away from philosophy - because life is fundamentally all about it, in one way or another and this can be very helpful to use within the therapy room, and I have found it invaluable during training and since qualifying - It has emerged my identity as a counsellor and been useful to many clients.

    About me

    My background; 

    I gained my BA(Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy with Philosophy degree in 2008 from The University of Central Lancashire. I then decided to embark on the PG(dip) Professional Counselling at The University of Central Lancashire, this was a three year part time course where I gained just under 200 hours counselling experience, I had my own counselling and had regular supervision (in accordance with BACP guidelines) In terms of my counselling work history, I started out for 4 years working for a Domestic Violence charity as a person-centred centred therapist, alongside this I worked at The Bereavement Counselling Services, Ormsirk for a while. I also have experience working with parents/carers with children under 5, as a counsellor at The Ribbleton Children's Centre, Preston. I have also worked running my own counselling business for eight months, I rented a room at The High Street Therapy Centre in Standish, Wigan - where I managed my own caseload of clients before relocating to Wales.  My main areas of expertise are listed under 'what I can help with' - I do welcome everyone who feels they would like to work with me, contact me and we can have a chat about your needs, wants, aspirations and wishes from the counselling process. 

    I am committed to CPD (Continual Professional Development) and have undertaken a full day course on Relational Depth facilitated by Mick Cooper and am currently undertaking an online course on Mindfulness.  

    • Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom
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    • What I help people with: (in order of expertise)
      1. Depression
      2. Eating Disorders
      3. Domestic Violence
      4. Bereavement
      5. Anxiety
      6. Emotional Abuse
      7. Abuse & Neglect
      8. Relationship Issues
      9. Addictions
      10. Cultural & Minority Issues
    • Therapy types I offer: (in order of most commonly practised)
      1. Person-Centred Therapy
      2. Existential Therapy
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      • English
    • Qualifications verified by PlusGuidance:
      • BA in Counselling & Psychotherapy Studies with Philosophy
      • PgDip Professional Counselling
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