Eugene Gallagher BSc, MBA. MA, MBACP


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    All the areas I have listed as being able to help with I have specific experience of dealing with. I work part-time as a Relate counselor and have a great deal of experience working with relationship challenges of individuals, couples and families. I have also personal experience of a family member who has Asperger's syndrome and understand the specific challenges this can cause for the individual, their partner or family.

    What to expect

    My role is to provide you with the space to be yourself and time to explore the emotional challenges you face. I aim to build a relationship based on respect and acceptance, that enables you to work out the relevant options for you based on your circumstances. Whilst I use elements from a wide range of theories, I mainly base my work blending Systemic theory (interpersonal interactions) with Psychodynamic Theory (intrapersonal perspectives).

    About me

    Overview: I believe that most of the emotional pain we experience can stem from a present or past relationship issue. How we view ourselves and others is shaped by our interpretation of the world around us and often by how we perceive those closest to us act. I have an MA (with Distinction) in Relationship Therapy and am experienced in working with individuals, couples and families. 

    Client base: I've had the privilege of working with a diverse client base and worked successfully with a wide range of issues. Whether you area single mum, a senior executive or a member of the LGBT community or indeed all three, you will receive my respect and acceptance as we collaboratively explore the challenges you face in non-judgmental environment.


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