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    I have 24 years experience of working as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I offer long and short term work depending on what the individual is bringing. I have worked with a variety of clients in relation to ethnicity, gender, sexuality and age, and a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, relationships, loss and bereavement, attachment issues, abuse, and general life issues of confusion, repeating relationship patterns, self-esteem and worth. I aim to offer a safe and containing environment, whether it be face to face, or on-line.

    Having worked for over 20+ years as a counsellor and psychotherapist, and having been in therapy myself for over 10 years, I know how important it is to find the right therapist. While most therapists will say about the number of ways they work, and how many issues they work with, as I also do below, I believe what is most important is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client. That is why I think it is helpful to have a 'trial session' so that you the client can get a feel of how you are going to be responded to, and whether it feels right to continue with a particular therapist.

    I believe we all ultimately have the possibility of realising our potential and making more healthy and inspiring life choices. But because of childhood related issues, family misfortune, or general difficulties in childhood and/or adolescence, we can end up believing (and/or be told) we are 'worthless' or 'not up to much', bullied, picked on, and so on, and that we then end up in relationships that tend to confirm these ideas and beliefs about ourselves. I see therapy as about making sense of these 'messages' and then challenging what I would see as these 'learnt' mis-conceptions, and about helping you to see and realise your worth and potential for more creative and rewarding relationships, whether they be friendships, partners, work colleagues, and so on.

    Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions about what I have written so that you can make a more informed decision about whether you think I might be the right therapist for you.

    Best Wishes in your search for a therapist that can help you.

    Francis Atkinson


    UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

    MBACP Registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist (Senior Accredited)


    MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy (1995-2001) Metanoia Institute

    3 year Certificate in Counselling (1989-1992) City University

    Diploma in Integrative Supervision (2012-13) Minster Centre

    BSc in Social Sciences (Health Pathway) (1990-1993) University of North London

    Certificate in 'Holding the Couple in Mind' 2014 (WPF)

    Neuroscience for Therapists (2013 & 2015) 20 days

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    • Location: Longcroft House 2-8 Victoria Avenue, EC2M 4NS, London, United Kingdom
    • What I help people with: (in order of expertise)
      1. Depression
      2. Suicidal Thoughts
      3. Sexuality & Gender Identity Issues
      4. Bereavement
      5. Anxiety
      6. Sexual Abuse
      7. Self-Esteem
      8. Abuse & Neglect
      9. Relationship Issues
      10. LGBTQ Issues
    • Therapy types I offer: (in order of most commonly practised)
      1. Humanistic Therapy
      2. Integrative Therapy
      3. Person-Centred Therapy
      4. Psychodynamic Therapy
      5. Existential Therapy
      6. Couples Counselling
    • Languages:
      • English
    • Qualifications verified by PlusGuidance:
      • MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy
      • Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy
      • Diploma in Integrative Supervision
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