Gareth Eglinton-Pacitti

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    • Level 5 BTEC Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

    How I can help you

    I work with people who want to make their life or situation better. I have many different ways of working and together we can find a way that best suits you. I have experience of working with anxiety, depression, work woes, romantic entanglements, grief, life coaching, trauma, abuse, gender issues, sexuality, feeling stuck and lots more. I fundamentally believe we can all be gentle on ourselves.

    What to expect

    You can expect a genuine connection with someone who really listens and just wants the best for you. I will work with you and fully bring my experience and compassion to work in the best way for you as an individual.

    About me

    I have worked in the voluntary sector for most of my life, and have been counselling for just under 10 years. I live in Milton Keynes with my husband, 2 cats and a dog. I like ewoks, drag queens and social justice.

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