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    If you've reached this page I would guess that you're looking for someone to help you find ways of leading a happier and more fulfilling life. Tired of doing the same things and getting the same results? Lacking in joy and energy? Feeling that things always happen to you and you have no control? Stuff just on top of you?  Here's a bit about me and how I can help. 

    My name is Carole. I am a qualified therapist with a Diploma in Transactional Analysis (TA). TA is a therapy that looks at patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings and how these affect our relationships with others. It looks at past experiences that might be influencing your present life and also looks forwards towards exploring new and more healthy patterns of behaviour.  It is particularly useful when dealing with difficulties you may be having with other people, whether at work or at home.  TA is also successful in tackling issues such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. 

    However, theory aside, I firmly believe that the key to successful therapy is developing a trusting relationship between us and a safe space to share thoughts and feelings that you possibly have never spoken about before. I am here to listen to you without judging and, equally importantly,  help you to cut through the stress and clutter around what is troubling you to get to the root of the issue. 

    I offer a personal, caring approach and a belief that you are OK as a person whatever your issues . I have particular expertise in helping with relationship issues, workplace issues, depression and anxiety and in helping people with Asperger's syndrome (or their families) make sense of their world. I also have experience in working with young people and women (or men) suffering from post-natal depression.

    I look forward to hearing your story and working together. 

    What to expect

    I offer sessions by e-mail or by instant messaging.  These can often be good ways to open up to someone without the nerves that can come with a face to face session. 

    It is normal to feel anxious and worried when making contact for the first time.  After all, you are potentially trusting me with your innermost thoughts, feeling and concerns. However, getting an opportunity to tell your unique story and feeling understood is often a great release.  

    It is important that you get the right "fit" of therapist for you and I offer a free, short introductory session to see if working together is comfortable for you. It also means I can answer any questions you might have about the process before you make any commitment. 

    If you decide to take sessions forward, at our first full session I will get to know a bit about you, your history, present situation and what you want to get out of our work together.  I believe in negotiating regular goals in order to keep a focus on what you want to achieve. I do single sessions or blocks at a discounted price. 

    I will never push you for information and will let you go at your own pace. 

    You can expect a warm, friendly and down to earth approach with someone who listens and "gets you." However, I will do more than listen, I'm here to help you help yourself.

    I believe good therapy should get good results and I have helped people overcome many barriers to happiness.  There are no magic cures, of course- and it can be hard work! 

    About me

    I am 45 and work full time as a professional but use my skills and experience as a therapist in the evenings.  

    I am experienced in working with both women and men and young people over the age of 18. I work with people of all ages, sexual orientations, religions and beliefs. 

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