Gabby Le Jeune B.Soc.Sci(Psych) PGDip (Counselling)



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    How I can help you

    You feel like you have gone mad.  You don't know who to turn to.  Who can I call or text or email RIGHT NOW? It might be your relationship? Or could it be your kids? Obsessive thoughts overtake your life?  Let me step into your world and look at life through your window.  Let's design a new road map to journey through life.

    What to expect

    Firstly, it would be helpful for you to explain what brings you to me at this moment in time.  You could explain briefly what is happening in your life and what you are looking for.  We can decide together if I am the person with whom you would like to take this new journey.  Depending on your circumstances and time constraints, we can come up with a suitable plan going forwards to help you overcome obstacles, look at life differently, maybe make a few changes and possibly do some psycho-education.

    About me

    I am multi-cultural, bilingual and a citizen of this diverse and richly inspiring global village.  I stand firmly on my Faith believing quite simply that we are created to LOVE and be LOVED through loving relationships.  I offer a non-judgmental, ethically sound practice adhering to BACP's standards.  I am passionate about meeting and getting to know each uniquely created person and helping them navigate through whatever mini to maxi personal earthquake might be expressing itself in that particular season of life.

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