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    About me

    I'm in Australia but don't be put off if you're not!!

    My email therapy is inexpensive and efficient! 

    You can send me as many messages as you like, any time of day you like, and receive one long written response.
    Plenty of time to gather your thoughts and writing can be so helpful!

    No booking required!

    Sometimes half the battle is just finding someone who will actually listen.

    Without judgement - without looking down their nose - and without opinion or attitude about what you 'should' do. 

    I'm sure you can work most things out yourself.

    The value I can add is allowing you to simply get it all off your chest. Often just saying stuff out aloud, bouncing it off someone gives you a clarity and helps making decisions, or plotting a way forward.

    As well as being a counsellor in private practice, I have a business that runs suicide prevention workshops and I like to think of myself as a Professional Listener :D

    You can have a peep at my workshops here www.jsp.education (Note the contact no.'s are Australian based).

    I also volunteer with the NSW Cancer Council, and unfortunately I have quite a lot of experience of cancer and deaths in my family. I also volunteer on a national crisis line.

    Stuff about me personally?

    I live in Albury which is a regional city between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

    My first career was in the Taxation Office so I also have degrees in Business and Taxation! I lived 15 years on a farm where I bred horses. Now I'm in town I've just downsized to birds, a cat, and my dog recently died :(  so I'm on the lookout for another best friend :D

    PS. I'm not available 24/7 - so if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or are in crisis, and can't contact me - google crisis lines in your own country, or ask a friend to. Get in touch with someone who can immediately talk to you. Don't wait!!

    If you are in crisis in the UK there's a great list of resources here: www.plusguidance.com/are-you-in-a-crisis

    PPS. I am on Australian Time - (Sydney time) Great for you night owls. My email service is cheap - why not write me - no appointment needed!

    PPPS. Only available Fridays for Face to Face in Albury NSW Australia. Contact me for a time :)

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