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    Hi and welcome to my profile. 
    You are likely to be looking for help for something in life which is bothering you and that is why you have reached my profile. 
    If that is the case, Well done!!!
    It is often hard for a lot of us to be motivated enough to reach out for help, but it is a important and vital part of getting helped.
    So you have taken the first step in the right direction! I would be glad to hear from you to see if I can help you.
    After the first meeting I can usually tell the client if I can help.
    I am not stuck down to a specific method of therapy, rather I make use of a potpourri of skills and training which I have studied and trained in over the years, and base my choice of methods used  in each case upon my experience and the particular case at hand.  
    I have a strong experience in treating addictions of all sorts as well as other issues which are listed on this page.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and feel free to send me a message with anything you would like to discuss.
    All the Best

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