How PlusGuidance works

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You only need an email address - which is never shared with therapists - and you can make up any username you like, giving you the option to remain anonymous.

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Find your perfect therapist

Finding a professional therapist who is right for you is extremely important, which is why on PlusGuidance you can message several therapists for free to see who you feel comfortable with.

All therapists on PlusGuidance work for themselves, have their own areas of expertise, and set their own prices.

Choose your session type

You can choose the type of therapy sessions that work best for you, whether they are online or offline. On PlusGuidance, you can have video, voice, instant messaging and asynchronous 'email' sessions, or offline in-person sessions if you are local to the therapist.

Book your session

Purchase a session credit from your therapist, and then go to their availability calendar to book in the session at a time that suits you.

Start moving forward

Looking after your emotional health is just as important as looking after your physical health.

When you start having counselling or therapy, you start to solve the puzzles and overcome the challenges in your life so you can get back to living, loving and laughing again.

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