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    Hypnosis is a very powerful tool to help you calm your nervous system.It can help you lift yourself out of a depressive state.In trance the subconscious mind is  more open to accept powerful suggestions that can help change how you feel,think and act.In this state is can be a quick way to access and identify negative beliefs.And then  reprogram more positive helpful beliefs,programmes.

    What to expect

    In trance you will feel fully aware and alert.Often compared to a daydream.It is not what you see in a entertainment stage show.Often clients feel deep relaxation. We fall in and out of trance many times a day naturally.Daydreaming,drifting off while watching the TV etc. Endorphin's feeling can be released,Using your mind to release its own medicine,Hypnosis is often called Focused Attention. Where we increase as opposed to lose focus.

    About me

     If there isn't a time slot that suits you on my calendar,just please  request one.I will do my best to fit you in.

    My name is Ger Griffin, I am 49 yrs of age. I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist registered with the CHPA who are the biggest organisation of its kind in Ireland.The only recognised registration body in Ireland for the European Association of Hypno-psychotherapy (EAHP) 

    I still get such satisfaction watching a client just 4 feet away from me going so deep into relaxation.Then saying I haven't relaxed like that in years.It's the first time  they've had a break from their anxiety or depression. Using trance positive suggestions,new behaviours can be delivered into the subconscious mind.Bypassing the critical conscious mind.Hypnosis helps you get the life you want,you deserve.

    My methodology is to tailor every session of hypnosis for each individual client. Even though we all have similarities in our behaviour,everyone is an individual and I think should be treated that way. I have used hypnosis in many areas of my life and I can say with all sincerity that it has immensely improved my life, and continues to. Hypnosis is solution focused and reality based. Getting results is the most important thing for me, by using the technology of hypnosis to reprogram your mind. All you need to be is willing.I believe hypnosis is a very powerful tool for curing fears, phobias and to stop smoking.Hypnotherapy is about facilitating change.Helping the client to help themselves.Getting the client to take obstacles out of their path while aslo accessing their own natural resources,

    Getting great results for treating anxiety & depression.Hypnosis is great for making you feel better.Its great to see a client who suffers anxiety get relief from their anxiety after 20 mins of hypnosis.Don't get wrong hypnosis is not magic.Its not mind control.I help you to help yourself.Everybody responds at a different rate.For me hypnosis is the most powerful way to treat anxiety/depression/stress.

    Try a free trial session.See if its for you.No obligation.

    My practice is centrally located at Oscailt 8 Pembroke Road Dublin 4. Just at the end of upper Baggot Street.

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