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    Music is a form of an immediate communication of thoughts and feelings. In Music Therapy you will play on a wide range of musical instruments which are intuitive to use and you will find that by playing music you are expressing your feelings without needing words to do so. Together we will reflect about your engagement in therapy and how it may help us to understand your everyday experiences.  

    What to expect

    You do not need any any previous knowledge of playing a musical instrument to join this form of therapy, nor does Music Therapy offer lessons on how to play a musical instrument. Instead, it offers a wide variety of easy-to-use musical instruments and invites you to use them in any way you like to create sounds in the room. The therapist will play along and respond to your music. These playful and creative musical dialogues will allow you to see yourself more clearly in relation to other people and the world around you. Music Therapy sessions may lead to positive changes in one's life by bringing into awareness those feelings and difficulties that are not easily accessible and understood in everyday situations.

    About me

    I am a qualified Music Therapist and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. I have many years of experience working with children and adults in areas such as brain injuries, autism, learning disabilities, trauma, attachment disorder, addiction, emotional needs and more. I practice a Psycho-dynamic approach to Music Therapy which often helps to formulate the link between one's past and present, early models of relating and their influence on one's current relationships. I have had the privilege of seeing how music transforms those lives of the many people who attended my sessions. 

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