About me

    Online counselling offered for young adults 17+ years (within the British Isles)

    Hello - My name is Jan and I am qualified to offer Online Counselling and Online supervision. I specialise in counselling young people / young adults, online and face to face. I understand the feelings of loneliness, despair and fear that many young people struggle with. I also appreciate how early intervention counselling can help prevent the development or escalation of mental health issues within this age group.

    I work in an empathic, non judgemental and intergrated way. My main line of work is as a face to face and online counsellor for two children's charities - COAP http://www.coap.org.uk/ Swings & Smiles http://www.swingsandsmiles.co.uk/ and as an online supervisor for TIC+ online counsellor's http://www.ticplus.org.uk/

    If you would like to contact me for online counselling, I am able to offer an initial session free of charge (30 minutes) This way you will have time to find out whether or not you feel I am the right counsellor for you and, together, we can decide whether or not I will be able to help you appropriately.
    In the event that I am not suited to you, I will aim to guide you towards, further, appropriate help and support.
    I offer lower rates for students who might struggle to pay full fees. - 
    (Please note: any lower fees advertised are solely for these clients after agreement. Fees for online supervision are not listed)
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    PLEASE NOTE - I aim to answer messages within 24 hours, however this might be longer over weekends and holidays - usually within 3 days.
    • Location: Newbury, United Kingdom
    • What I help people with: (in order of expertise)
      1. Anxiety
      2. Worry
      3. Bereavement
      4. Bullying
      5. Cancer
      6. Self-Harm
      7. Terminal Illness
      8. Low Self-Esteem
    • Therapy types I offer: (in order of most commonly practised)
      1. Integrative Therapy
      2. Person-Centred Therapy
    • Languages:
      • English
    • Qualifications verified by PlusGuidance:
      • Diploma in Childhood Bereavement
      • Level 6 Diploma in Online Therapeutic Counselling Supervision
      • Level 3 Certificate in Online Counselling Skills
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    • My availability
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    • My session prices
      Video session
      from £50
      Voice session
      from £50
      IM session
      from £50
      Email session
      from £50