Jilly Bentley

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    How I can help you

    Sometimes in life it feels as if we have hit an obstacle and don't know how to move past it.  By sharing your concerns and reflecting upon your thoughts about those concerns you will be able to move forwards.

    I am trained to listen to you without judgement and to help you untangle things so you can get beyond the obstacle sooner.  I will help you to understand how things have developed and to build your strengths so that next time it wont have such an impact.

    What to expect

    As a humanistic, integrative therapist I will work alongside you and be lead by you whilst using a variety of approaches tailored to your needs.  My belief is that you know your world better than anyone and I can help you to access your own strength and wisdom.

    I understand that it can be challenging to begin the process of counselling and I work, with empathy, to build trust and rapport between us.  The online method can be a good way to begin that journey for many reasons and I have found it to be an extremely effective way to offer support. 

    About me

    I am a fully qualified psychotherapist and counsellor and work with short term and long term clients.  I have practised for over 20 years now in a variety of settings both privately and in the social sector.  I have training in a broad range of approaches and my clients have ranged from children, adolescents, adults and couples.

    I am now living in France and my practice is solely online, working with english speaking clients. I use email or messenger or a mix of the two and am happy to discuss what would suit you.

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