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    How I can help you

    Are you are struggling with distressing emotions or memories? Are you confused about who you are or what you want in life? Have you lost someone or something that has meant a great deal to you? I can help you. Help you to make sense of the pain and sadness that may seem overwhelming right now. Help you to find a way through the darkness.

    What to expect

    Counselling is shared work. Together we will look at your current situation in detail. We will look at ways that you can manage your current situation. We will find a way to help you make sense of what has happened. And then we will jointly decide on a way forward. We can explore your values and try to distinguish between what you feel others want you to be or do and what YOU want to be and do. You wouldn't be looking at this site if you didn't want things to change. I can help you change things for the better.

    About me

    I have high professional standards and a deep commitment to equality. I've had positive experiences of living in other countries and working in this country with people from many different backgrounds. I was a senior leader in education before retraining as a counsellor and I now run my own independent practice as well as doing voluntary work with an LGBT charity.

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