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    How I can help you

    I am an experienced, friendly psychotherapist and counsellor. I offer support with the majority of mental and emotional health issues people experience within their everyday lives. I'm an integrative therapist - this means that I look at the evidence base for each psychological approach and match it to your needs. I integrate CBT, Psychodynamic approaches, mindfulness, Transactional analysis, Client centred approaches and Gestalt. I am a big believer in neurobiology and I use research in this area to empower my clients with their understanding of their own biology, helping them gain control over anxiety responses and repetitive intrusive thoughts.

    I am registered with both BACP and UKCP and have worked for a number of years managing a mental health service for adults and children in the North of England. Within my private practice I work with all age ranges and support both individuals and families. I also run a consultancy service for parents struggling with behavioural issues in young children.

    My background is in Psychology and I have an Msc in Psychotherapy alongside two diplomas awarded at distinction level.

    Whilst I am passionate about research in the field and best practice, I am also a warm, approachable practitioner who is able to put prospective clients at ease. I understand how daunting coming to see a Counsellor or therapist can be - and how overwhelming the choice is. From the first call and through all of the sessions you will be made to feel comfortable and at ease- I believe that the relationship between the client and the therapist is one of the most important parts of the work.

    I have worked with literally hundreds of clients, all have been unique and have required tailored approaches. All the work I have done to date has been helping people manage thoughts, feelings and actions that have become overwhelming or distressing and are impacting their life, Here are just a few areas I have experience in ;

    Anger issues
    Stress related issues
    Fatigue and chronic pain
    Intrusive thoughts and Obsessive compulsive issues
    Trauma and abuse 
    Bereavement issues
    Mental Health conditions
    Self harm
    Suicidal thinking
    Panic attacks
    Social issues
    Low self esteem and confidence issues
    Issues following relationship breakdowns

    This list isn't exhaustive as it would be difficult to list all the individual areas I have worked with. If you would like to speak on the phone, online or by email about a specific issue and to see if counselling could help you with it- please do get in touch.

    A last word about Counsellors and therapists

    In general most of us come to our roles because we have either had our own difficulties or have experience of helping others, as part of the majority of counselling training we have to have our own counselling. This means that we know what it feels like to sit in the other chair as a client.

    I believe that we are a combination of our upbringing, our social relationships and our environments, because of this, I also believe that everyone has the innate capacity to move on from their difficulties and find a new, more positive way of being.

    If you feel anxious about seeking the support of a counsellor - any counsellor, remember that we are human, non judgemental, we on the whole, love working with our clients and that ultimately we chose to do this job because we care and believe that people can move on from difficult times.

    What to expect

    You can expect warmth and genuine care, you can expect to feel at ease quickly and to be able to explain what is happening at your own pace in a supportive relationship. You can expect a plan and some insight with regards to what is happening, why it might be happening and how we can address it. You can expect confidentiality, knowledge of the field, an ethical approach and a human being who just like you has faced challenges and difficulties and overcome them.

    About me

    I live and work in North Yorkshire and I'm very privileged to be doing the job I do.  I'm a big animal lover and have a range of companions from dogs, through to chickens and horses.  My hobbies include horse riding, sailing, gardening and reading,  I believe that self care is important for us all to have and I fit this into my week as often as I can.

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