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    Have you been feeling like you're stuck, or like there is no Light at the end of the tunnel?

    At times, we can feel as though no matter what we do, things never seem to change. No matter how hard we try, we cannot help the way we feel, or stop our over-active minds. When we feel as though it is impossible to achieve our goals in life, we can be left feeling lost, hopeless, and disheartened. We may even feel angry and frustrated with ourselves or others.

    It is during these moments that finding illumination in the darknees can help us to see our way through - "Making the darkness conscious", as Carl Jung puts it. Altough it can be very painful or frightening, this is where we have the most opportunity for healing, growth and change, at the deepest levels of our Being.

    Sometimes, we can be completely unaware of how our deep rooted thinking patterns, beliefs and habitual behaviours, affect our reality and the world around us.

    Psychotherapy can help you to become more aware of how you think, by gently guiding you through your own self exploration. Like Carl Rogers, I believe that as plants naturally grow towards the sunlight, we too can find our way towards enlightenment.

    My goal is to help you rediscover a deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding of your unconscious mind, inner world and current reality. It is my passion for you to feel empowered and regain a sense of control and freedom in your life.

    What to expect

    I work in a person centered way, which enables you to lead the process and express what you feel is most pertinent and of most significance.

    Many people appreciate the time to be truly heard and listened to. My role is to provide a safe, secure and sacred space, in which you feel completely free to express your deepest thoughts, feelings and concerns, without fear of being judged or condemned.

    As trust is an integral part of therapy, my initial aim is to build a strong therapeutic relationship with you, so that over time you feel more comfortable in sharing. 

    The therapy I offer may involve Pyshcoanalytic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) type approaches in exploring your thought process, along with combined Mindfulness techniques (MCBT) to invite you further into the present moment of your experience. 

    As you gain heightened clarity, more deeper spiritual themes may arise. These might be related to your soul purpose, authentic passion or deepest desires, for example. 

    In order to process what your unconcious mind is showing you, we may talk about your dreams, insights, sychronistic or meaningful events, or visions etc. Together, we will examine the symbolism behind each theme in order to piece together the messages your soul is trying to give you and interpret the deeper meaning behind them...

    When we come out of periods of 'darkeness' in life, which is sometimes called a 'mental crisis/breakdown' or 'The Dark Night of the Soul', we tend to find that we have changed from the very core of our Being. For instantce, we may notice major changes in our values, purpose, self-identify, families or even our perception of the world.

    Psychotherapy can invoke long lasting change and profound deep self-insight. With the right therapist, and at the right time, your life may be transformed. 

    As you are reading these words, it is likely that the time for you is Now...

    About me

    I am a highly intuitive, empathic and compassionate therapist by nature. My warm, gentle and kind personality shines through my work and my passion to help people has become a way of life.

    With a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, and a Master of Science degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy, I have a wealth of professional knowledge & training. As a registered member of the BACP, I also abide by their ethical standards and guidelines. 

    I have gained several years of experience in helping people to cope and manage with a range of mental health issues. These stem from working in Private and Public Mental Health Settings (NHS Foundation Trust) and working in Charities to provide short-term and long-term psychotherapy/counselling and support to clients going through extremely difficult phases in life.

    In my practice I combine proven psychological techniques, with ancient teachings on enlightenment and new age holistic thinking. This enables me to provide a Trinity of high level support in our sessions. 

    I also have extensive experiencing in mindfulness practice and running meditation events, groups and workshops for individuals seeking to enhance there enlightenment experience and connect deeper with spirit. I am highly dedicated to being of loving service to Humanity as a whole, and work with the higher freqeuncies of the planet to spread healing, love and light.

    I offer psychotherapy/counselling sessions face-to-face, or via skype or email at a standard rate of £70. I do have concessions and student rates available if you would like to enquire. Discounts are also a available for email subscriptions with unlimited emails access.

    Any form of therapy is a major investment into your soul, with benefits that are Eternal and essential to your wellbeing.

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