Liz Taverner

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    How I can help you

    I believe everyone's best counsellor is found within them; in their higher self.

    Through my caring and creative approach, I help people connect with their deep inner wisdom, supporting them on their journey towards joy, self-discovery, empowerment and healing.

    I resonate with the metaphor of a lotus flower growing, rising and blooming up from its necessary depths of dark, muddy water, towards the light.

    I specialise in working with highly sensitive people.

    What to expect

    I draw upon a number of different approaches, but focus upon creative therapies, mindfulness and person-centred therapy. I also work with exploring values and challenging beliefs.

    You can expect to do some art, even if the session is online (you do not need to believe you're arty or creative, because you are anyway!), as well as to explore your thoughts and work with metaphors, guided meditations and mindfulness practices.

    About me

    As a highly sensitive person and empath, I understand the depth and breadth of human emotion and the struggles we can face on our human journeys. My goal is to support you on your journey, through whatever you're going through, and to help you use this as a catalyst for growth. 

    I place no judgement on clients, holding them in unconditional positive regard, seeking only to help them help themselves and believing wholeheartedly in each person's potential. 

    My previous roles have included working as a counsellor at a mental health clinic, a Lifeline telephone crisis supporter and a behaviour therapist.

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