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    • Diploma in Contemporary Psychodynamic Counselling

    How I can help you

    May I wish you a very warm welcome and thank you for taking the time out to explore the information about my counselling service.

    Whether for face to face or online therapy, I know this may be a brand-new experience for you and I understand that it takes some bottle to take that first step and ask for support; but don’t worry, many people feel the same way, please be assured I’ll be on hand to help you navigate step by step through the process – even if you ultimately decide not to go ahead, that’s fine! 

    By way of introduction, I’m pleased to say I’ve enjoyed a rich and rewarding life but also must admit, like all of us, I’ve had some ‘bruising’ experiences along the way.  In time, however, I’ve been fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn from others who found themselves in similar situations, and who have been kind enough to share their wisdom and learning with me.

    Happily, this means that I’m able to use this knowledge to support you in your personal and individual pursuit of a more fulfilled life.  I’ll provide you with a welcoming, confidential and supportive space; together, we’ll work towards building a relationship based in trust, until you feel safe enough to explore with me the circumstances that are making your life difficult. 

    Some of my in-depth specialities include:

    • people experiencing relationship difficulties at work or at home
    • people struggling with depression, anxiety and stress
    • significant experience in working with adults, young people and young adults
    • in-depth understanding of supporting people with feelings of confusion as to culture, sexuality or identity
    • supporting those with a terminal illness and their families
    • working with people with a chronic illness, such as ME etc
    • supporting carers both before and after the loss of their loved one 

    What to expect

    I’ve found that grappling with painful and confused emotions can often lead to raw feelings of depression, loneliness and anxiety, and sadly, all too often that no-one else truly ‘sees’ the extent of anguish that we are feeling.  In these circumstances, it’s often ‘easier’ to talk to someone outside of your family or friendship-circle - that’s because a counselling relationship is different from a social one; a counsellor can listen and respond in an open-minded manner that is not influenced by family relationships or history.

    When sharing your experiences with me I will not give advice, or tell you what to do and I’ll work with you on a long term or short term basis, even one-session only, depending on your need.  I’ll use a variety of theories on which to base my counselling practice, however, my main area of expertise is in understanding how our childhood experiences affect our feelings, thoughts and behaviour in adulthood.  It is this understanding that I call on to help me gauge the effect such encounters have on the quality of our personal and professional relationships - also on our ability to manage the unpredictable and difficult things that life so often throws at us. 

    Please also remember though that counselling is not a quick fix, it is likely that uncomfortable emotions may arise as part of the treatment process; however, if you are prepared to commit to the therapy positive outcomes might include:

    • an alleviation of your debilitating emotions
    • a further refinement of your communication skills when dealing with conflict and frustration
    • increased levels of management and coping skills that aid you to feel more 'grounded'

    The most important thing is that you feel that ‘I get’ where you are coming from, and so I offer a free initial half hour session, which will give us the opportunity to discuss the therapy in more detail and to see if we feel a ‘fit’ with one another.  We will talk about:

    • what's been going on for you, how it feels and what you think it might be about
    • the differences and changes you'd like to see happen and how I can help you achieve them
    • how I work and answer any questions you may have
    • we'll then decide together the best way forward for you to get the help you need

    Traditional, face to face counselling tends to operate on a regular weekly basis taking place on the same day and time of day each week, for a length of time that is mutually agreed between the both of us, and indeed my face to face therapy continues with this approach.  My online practice however, takes advantage of the immediacy and flexibility of meeting online and so we’re in the position to be able to hold our sessions at times and frequencies that fit in with your busy life-style and availability.

    All sessions are private, confidential and secure and last for up to 50 minutes.  There is no maximum or minimum number of sessions, but do bear in mind that we’ll be able to explore your difficulties in more depth with a more longer term, consistent therapy. 

    If you think you’d like to go ahead and request an initial, free half hour session – or for further informal information prior to making your decision, please feel free to click on the message button and we can happily take things from there. 

    About me

    In seeking to give you a summary of 'me', I think I'd describe myself as a warm, compassionate individual with a strong sense of justice and deep commitment to the value of 'fair-play'.  I strongly believe in bringing these values to my professional life as a practising therapist.

    Prior to becoming a counsellor, I enjoyed an extensive career working as a professional within the social care sector.  During this time, I worked with and supported:

    ·         children, young people and their families who found themselves in vulnerable situations, facing difficult life situations 

    ·         young people who had been cared for by the local authority during the latter stages of their cared-for experience, supporting their transition towards an independent life 

    ·         children and young people with cancer and their families - sometimes with a terminal illness, receiving palliative care - providing practical, emotional and, when needed, bereavement support

    ·         adults with terminal illness - and their Carers and families, providing support both before and after the loss of their loved one 

    In my professional role as a counsellor, I bring a wealth of personal and professional life-experience, learned from my roles as parent, grandparent, colleague and friend.  It is the sum of all these experiences that has enabled me to learn to manage myself and my important relationships in a more empathic and compassionate manner, and I’m now able to relate that learning when supporting others to seek their own unique and rewarding path to a rich and fulfilled life.

    I have my own private practice and I also volunteer at a local NHS Psychotherapy Service, supporting people with complex mental health needs.  I am a fully qualified counsellor and, as such, a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Certificate Number: 187944) ( ).  The BACP is a UK-based professional body with an ethical framework for professional standards and my membership provides you with the assurance of my commitment to a high quality, ethical and legal practice.  I am also registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) (Registration Number: SW66524) and am a member of ACTO, the Association of Counsellors and Therapists Online.  I trained as an Online Therapist with the Institute of Online Therapists ( and also abide by their ethical framework, produced specifically for Online Therapists.

    • Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
    • What I help people with: (in order of expertise)
      1. Depression
      2. Terminal Illness
      3. Sexuality & Gender Identity Issues
      4. Leaving Care
      5. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/ME
      6. Bereavement
      7. Anxiety
      8. Self-Confidence
      9. Relationship Issues
      10. Cultural & Minority Issues
    • Therapy types I offer: (in order of most commonly practised)
      1. Psychodynamic Therapy
    • Languages:
      • English
    • Qualifications verified by PlusGuidance:
      • Diploma in Contemporary Psychodynamic Counselling
      • Certified Cyber Therapist
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