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    I work with adults, both individuals and couples. We address together questions such as everyday psychological conflicts, self-purpose and self-identity, along with the mechanisms that stop a human being from feeling good within themselves and in control of their own feelings, thoughts and actions. 

    We explore together feelings of sadness, anxiety, self-identity, self-worth, guilt, resentment, meaning, trauma, depression, loss, related to either self-crisis, relationships or work situations.
    I believe in an open-minded attitude towards everything that a person goes through in their lives; there is a safe space where all of us can find peace of mind, regardless of their past or present psychological conflicts.
    There is no moral or value judgement attached to my work; I believe that people are all equal, and good and bad are subjective concepts.
    I practise talking therapy, an old and lasting psychotherapeutic approach that showed positive changes in patients' lives.

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