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    How I can help you

    If you are looking on my page it's likely that you are not feeling so good at the moment. You may be aware of what the problem is: depression, anxiety, distressing behaviour that you can't seem to control, issues in your relationship or with your family generally. Or maybe it's something that you can't quite put your finger on; you are just not happy. Therapy can be a great help for all of these things and many more.

    My belief is that unresolved conflicts from the past affect the present (and therefore the future). It is often necessary for clients to revisit the past in therapy in order to work through these conflicts ; thus taking away their power.

    It is also helpful to look at patterns of relating in the present. We are often unaware of these habitual patterns and therapy seeks to uncover these.  This provides the opportunity for both individuals and couples to try something different; to create new behaviours and patterns of relating.

    Mindfulness is a very useful tool in both noticing and changing these patterns.

    What to expect

    I work collaboratively with individuals and couples. I treat everybody as an individual because we are all different and unique. I aim to provide a safe and secure environment where I can support you in developing greater self-awareness and understanding of the conscious and unconscious causes of your problems. I consider therapy to be a joint process; I won't tell you what to do but will rather engage with you in exploring the dilemmas that you seek to address. I will listen to you and ask questions, suggest possible patterns and link these to the past; suggest techniques that may be helpful in coping in the short term and work with you in understanding what is happening, why it is happening and then working on new ways of being.

    About me

    I have been in private practice for 11 years and have also worked for Relate and the NHS - I worked as a senior harassment adviser and supervisor for a West London NHS Trust for over 10 years.

      I work with individuals and couples.

    I have a special interest in working with HSPs (highly sensitive people). 

    I work from different centres in London.

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