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    How I can help you

    The way I best help you is by being human: I will listen to your story and try to genuinely understand what you need in order to move on. Together with you we then see what approach will work for you, in your situation. I will certainly offer you advice based on my expertise, giving you an overview of the possible routes you can take to tackle whatever is bothering you. Yet I will leave the final decision to you. After all, it's your life, not mine!

    What to expect

    My slogan is to make myself redundant in your life as soon as possible. I'm not out to make myself indispensable, exactly the opposite: I will help you develop what you need to be able to carry on independently. I do not believe in a problem-free life - happy people are those who feel they can deal adequately with whatever comes on their path. Hence my focus on resilience.

    About me

    I am a counsellor and therapist who works both with couples and individuals on a wide variety of relationship and mental health issues. I maintain a low case-load, ensuring that clients get the best care. This means, amongst others, flexibility in session times (also weekend and evening sessions by arrangement) and sufficient time to reflect and research. I am a teacher/trainer for psychology students at all levels of study, author of study books and currently doing PhD research into the efficacy of competency education with regard to empathy.

    I am a native speaker English and Dutch and help clients all over the world. For international clients (or expats) session rates may be negotiated in various currencies. I also speak Afrikaans, German and Slovene, the latter two however only on a conversational level.

    My speciality: Helping clients who have already tried the well-trodden paths without success. I have experience with various forms of therapy (including CBT, ACT & EFT) and combine these with a thorough knowledge of emotions and the process of change. Clients experience my approach as respectful, refreshing and activating, even when needing to be frank or to call a spade a spade.

    I know that my norms and values need not match my clients'. My most important value is to be non-judgmental and allow people to be who they are. With an open mind and empathic attitude I concentrate on helping my clients from their own frame of reference. This for example means that couples counselling within 'non-traditional' relationships is part-and-parcel of my work.

    I maintain 3 tariffs based on nominal charges of 30, 47 and 67 Euro per session. I do this as I understand some clients can afford less and some more. I will leave it up to you to decide which tariff is most appropriate for you.

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