Martin Ollington MBACP

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    How I can help you

    I can help you make sense of your current issues, help you get your life back on track.

    If your struggling with Anxiety & Depression, Addictions, Bereavement  etc please feel free to contact me, I have helped many people understand and manage there lives for the better. 

    What to expect

    Video or Audio chat with me, a safe place to build up a relationship between counsellor and client.

    I offer a free 15 minute trial session on here, then you can decide if you feel comfortable with online counselling and would like to work with me. 

    About me

    I am a Professional Integrative Counsellor Psychotherapist.

    Integrative Counselling is being able to work with different styles or theories to meet each persons needs.

    I Specialise in - 

    Anxiety Issues & Depression, Bereavement and all Addictions.  

    I'm a Accredited Bereavement Counsellor.

    Where I differ from most therapists is that I have suffered and lived with some of the conditions I mention above - Anxiety & Depression and Addictions.

    This is how I got into Counselling, first seeing a Counsellor myself then going on to study and qualify as a Therapist.

    Counselling helped me so much, just talking and being able to express myself, having someone to listen and gently guide me through some difficult times in my life.

    I now help people make sense of their own life problems, help them understand their own issues and use what I have learnt in my life to help others help themselves.

    I use different techniques and theories for each individual client as each person is unique, as I mentioned  earlier I work in an Integrative way - I may use C B T , Psychodynamic Counselling, Person centred, Mindfulness meditation, Addiction theories but to name a few.

    I have studied and attended courses on - 

    Addictions -

    Alcoholism & Drugs 

    Sex Addiction 

    Love Addiction 


    Anxiety & Depression-

    Panic attacks   

    Anxiety disorders.

    Inter-cultural counselling -

    Working with and understanding how people's cultures and upbringing affects how they relate to the world. 

    Bereavement -

    Loss & grief.

    Psychotherapy - Working with counselling on deeper level. 

    C B T -

    Cognitive behavioural therapy - how thinking affects the emotions. 

    Mindfulness Meditation-

    Learning how to be present with self.

    O C D 

    Eating disorders 

    Couple Counselling 

    Aspergers and Autism Syndrome

    Relaxation & Meditation 



    Yoga & Pilates 

    Diet & Nutrition.

    I offer late night sessions on plus guidance for clients who need to speak to a Counsellor as soon as possible. 

    To book an online appointment with me just sign up with plus guidance.

    message me and I will reply as soon as I can.

    You can also contact me -

    Email - 

    Text - 

    078 6865 4895 

    Thanks for reading my profile. 

    I hope to be working with you soon.

    Martin Ollington MBACP  

    Integrative Counsellor.



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