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    How I can help you

    Are you looking for new beginnings? Is there chaos in your life? I will be your understanding empathic listener. I will help to guide you into a new direction. I specialize in relationship counselling. Are you at a crossroads feeling isolated and alone? It seems no-one is listening to you. Are you suffering with an addiction either Alcohol or Drugs this will be your first step to admitting you have a problem. Im here to listen to you without prejudice with one hundred per cent confidentiality. I aim to ease your pain filling in the missing gaps building your confidence, giving you the strength to take your first steps in your recovery.

    What to expect

    Its your choice how you feel you want to share your story. Whether frustration or pain. You can share it with me via video session or just voice session. Some clients feel much more comfortable with a email session or the instant messaging, WHICHEVER YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH SUITS ME. Im here to listen and not to judge. I will allow you to go at your own pace and share as little or as much as you want within each session. Slowly i feel you will begin to realize that pressing that button and booking your counselling session was the best decision you have made for a long time.

    About me

    Im a qualified Person Centred counsellor with a wealth of experience working with womens  issue.  I worked for many years in a womans centre. Clients brought many issues to the sessions. I have worked very closely with domestic violence, emotional and physical abuse. Sexual abuse within famillies. Alcoholism and drug addiction. Guilt and shame is a very big part of this problem i know it takes a lot to open up and share the sensitive and very painful issues with anyone. Sometimes i have been the first person that these women have turned to. I feel it is so important to build trust up with my client i aim to show full respect to you as an individual. Showing empathy and understanding with all the issues you might bring to me. I promise genuineness and honesty always with my clients so as to form a good strong counselling relationship.

    Make an appointment with me I will offer you a free trial to see how you feel entering into a counselling relationship with me. Some people prefer to remain anonymous or just have not got the courage as yet to have a face to face counselling sessions. Im here to listen to you with one hundred per cent confidentiality.

    If you cannot see a time which suits you feel free to contact me via message and i will be able to add a session for you to my calendar.

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