Helping your clients
has never been easier

PlusGuidance for Organisations

You're here because you want to help your clients. We have designed PlusGuidance to compliment what you already offer, opening up new routes to deliver care.
PlusGuidance was founded with a clear mission: improving the world's mental health by providing immediate access to talking therapies.

We've created a product that can break down barriers to seeking help by adapting to what clients are already comfortable with. You will also access tools to help you digitise your counselling service and make managing your workflow easier.

Benefits of PlusGuidance

  • An intuitive and extremely easy to use system
  • Immediately reach more clients and give them access to online therapy: video, audio, email and instant message sessions
  • More versatility: PlusGuidance adapts to your needs and not the other way around
  • You can manage everything from one place: clients, bookings, session notes and files
  • It works for your offline, face to face sessions too
  • No more missed sessions and no-shows due to help from our notification system
  • Multiple types of services let you tailor your approach on a case by case basis and manage your schedule better
  • Your data and your clients' data is kept completely private and secure. We are HIPAA compliant and operate with a 256bit SSL encryption mechanism.

How it works

  1. We create an organisation account for your service
  2. Your counsellors start creating PlusGuidance accounts and have full access to all our features from day one. Everything gets linked back to your organisation profile.
  3. We'll create an organisation landing page for you on PlusGuidance that can act as the first point of contact between your service and your clients.
  4. Use our calendar tool to book clients into sessions, and set the time, session type & date. You can use this for both online and in-person sessions.
  5. Start having online sessions via video, audio, instant message and email with just a few clicks. You can also take session notes, exchange files and manage your clients all from one place.
  6. Both you and your clients receive email notifications before each your session. You will also get a monthly summary of your activity.


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