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How it Works

PlusGuidance helps talking therapists beat their blues.

Grow - Get exposure to new clients and fill empty slots
Connect - Deliver online counselling with medical-grade security
Simplify - Reduce ‘no-shows’ by letting clients book and prepay online

We have three products
integrated on one platform

“Skype is not appropriate for online therapy.
Therapists who want to practice safely and ethically online should be using PlusGuidance.”

Dr. Kate Anthony
Leading World Expert in Online Psychotherapy & Fellow of the BACP
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Grow your practice with PlusGuidance

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Get new clients

With PlusGuidance you work for yourself, on your own terms.
By creating a PlusGuidance profile, your services will be exposed to thousands of potential new clients who are looking for a counsellor or therapist. Be available to hard-to-reach clients by providing online sessions through PlusGuidance.

It’s free to signup to Grow (no monthly fee). For every session booking you receive from a PlusGuidance referred client, we charge a service fee of 15% of your session booking price (+ payment processing fees). The service fee does not apply to your self-referred clients.


Secure video conferencing

PlusGuidance allows you to confidently deliver secure, confidential online therapy to your current clients, for free. You have the option to do sessions by video, voice, instant message, or email (block message), securely through You can still take in-person session bookings too of course, but now you can provide complete session flexibility for your clients.

Data Privacy is Our Highest Priority

Skype is not appropriate for online therapy because they monitor your conversations and own your data. PlusGuidance is a free, HIPAA-compliant platform for video, voice and messaging therapy. With PlusGuidance, you and your clients' data is kept private between you.

Connect is free to use with self-referred clients.
We provide you with a free introductory course on delivering therapy online, in partnership with the Online Therapy Institute.

"I have used PlusGuidance with clients, both on video and IM and have to say each time it worked really well and smoothly. Its great to be able to have a platform to help me deliver these additional services."

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Reduce ‘no-shows’. Remove hassle.

Let PlusGuidance help you automate your private practice

  • Reduce ‘no-shows’ by letting clients pre-pay and book online
  • Accept all major credit & debit cards
  • Automatic email reminders for you and your clients before sessions
  • Store client records, notes and session history securely in a secure data vault
  • Everything in one place, accessible from any location on any device - only by you

Payment Protection System

Let PlusGuidance help you automate your private practice

  • This only applies if you choose to use PlusGuidance online payments
  • How it works - clients pre-pay online, the money is held securely until the session has finished, and then you can withdraw funds
  • You still receive payment if a client ‘no-shows’, or cancels within 48-hours of the session time - subject to your terms
    Learn more here

Simplify is free to use with self-referred clients.
If you choose to receive payments online, payment processing fees apply (3.4% + 60p)

"The PlusGuidance team are very professional and welcoming. Using PlusGuidance to support clients has worked very well for me. Client comments have been very positive about the experience of online therapy"

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Grow your practice with PlusGuidance

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What We Believe

Our mission is to improve the world's mental health by creating on-demand access to therapy.

We believe that people should be able to speak to a therapist of their choice immediately, conveniently, privately, and in the medium of their choice.

Does your organisation provide counselling?

PlusGuidance helps:

  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups of the NHS
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Mental Health Charities
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Grow your practice with PlusGuidance

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