Getting verified

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone interested in being verified are now put on a waiting list until further notice, while we update our verification procedures in line with our recent website changes.

To be listed in our public search directory, you need to complete all the required parts of your profile, as explained on this page, and undergo the approval process we at PlusGuidance call 'verification'. 'Getting verified' on PlusGuidance means we have manually checked:

  1. Your proof of ID, indemnity insurance and qualifications
  2. That you have completed all required information and parts of your profile
  3. That you have set yourself up for receiving payments
When we have checked that all of this is completed, we list you in our public search directory provided everything is satisfactory. When you are in the public directory, new clients can find you and you also get the verified tick on your profile which will look good to clients.

What you need to know about the verification process

Until further notice, we are putting every submission for verification and everyone interested in being verified on a waiting list. There will be a new verification procedure that's a bit different from the one we had previously, but all the profile details and documents specified in this guide will still be required. We should resume processing applications later in the summer 2017.

When we eventually do resume processing your verification

Required documents to submit

Optional documents we can verify

Document requirements and how to submit them

You submit your documents from your 'Edit Public Profile' page when you're logged in. You must upload a scan or high quality image of each evidence type. File formats accepted are PDF, PNG, and JPEG (maximum file size: 5 MB). Descriptions of your verified qualifications will appear on your public profile. Don't worry - the documents themselves will not be displayed publicly and are stored securely in our system until you remove them. Any qualifications you have not submitted documentation for or that we have not approved will not be shown on your profile.

We also have a requirement that all documents we verify should be translated to English, except for passports. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to translate foreign-language documents ourselves, so we have to adhere to this rule to ensure the qualifications we see are valid. We accept official translations made by a professional translator, and you can also ask the institution or organisation you got the document from to provide an English version of it (many places do).

Parts of your profile you need to complete too

To be verified, you also need to:

Setting yourself up to receive payments

You set yourself up to receive payments on your 'Payments' page by clicking the blue 'Connect with Stripe' button. Please fill in all required information and submit this to create your own Stripe account. Once you have done this, you have automatically set yourself up to receive payments through our secure PlusGuidance Payment System. We cannot verify you until you have completed this.

Your responsibilities after you have been verified

Once you have been verified, you will need to update your indemnity insurance - and if applicable, organisation membership - proof when the uploaded documents expire. You are required to only list things on your profile that are currently valid, and if we find inaccurate or expired documents or information on your profile, this will either need to be corrected or if it is an essential requirement for verification, we would need to unverify you until you have updated the required part of your profile.

From time to time, we may communicate updated terms or requirements for verified therapists and counsellors, and it is your responsibility to action the requirements as needed to stay verified.