How Online Payments Work

With PlusGuidance, you can immediately start accepting payments online from credit and debit cards. You also benefit from our Payment Protection System which ensures you get paid 48 hours after a client transaction, provided the client hasn't requested a refund during those 48 hours.

Your clients can:

How it works step by step

  1. A client buys a session credit or bundle of credits from you via your PlusGuidance profile.
  2. The money is held securely in our Payment Protection System for 48 hours, during which the client is free to request a refund if they change their mind. If they book the session for within those 48 hours, the money will be processed to you when the session starts.
  3. Otherwise, 48 hours after the client purchase, the money will immediately be processed to transfer to your bank account. It takes up to 7 days for this money to appear in your bank account using our payment partner service Stripe. 
  4. To ensure all goes smoothly, both you and your client receive email reminders 24 hours and 2 hours before the session is due to start.

Payment Protection System

We are very proud of our payment protection system because it's uber-convenient but also fair to both you and your clients. You can accept the major credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and have payments processed for all of your session bookings (including in-person sessions) before they take place.

PlusGuidance is set up so you never have to ask for money from your clients in a session or chase them for payments after a session. We ensure that you receive payment soon after a client buys sessions from you. If a client doesn't turn up, or cancels within 48 hours of an upcoming session, you can choose to either give the session credit back to the client for a rebooking or consume the credit so the client needs to pay for a new booking. If a client cancels with more than 48 hours' notice, the session credit is given back to the client for them to book a different session time.

Our system ensures that clients feel more comfortable about paying upfront, because the money is not immediately transferred to your account. Instead it is held safely for them for 48 hours (or until a session starts if this is less than 48 hours). If they want a refund during this Client Cancellation Period, they can request that in which case the credit and booking (if booked already) will automatically be deleted and the payment will not be transferred.

Payment Handling Fee

We integrate our backend payment system with Stripe because they are a secure and trusted provider. If you choose to process your payments through PlusGuidance, the payment handling fee per transaction is 3.4% + 60p. Our users have found this fee a small price to pay for the benefits of:
  1. 'No-Show' Protection - receiving just one payment per month for a late cancellation or 'no-show' significantly outweighs all payment transaction fees that month.
  2. Zero Paperwork - Your time has a value to it, and time spent sorting out invoices, receipts and scheduling technically costs you money - even if you never make mistakes. With PlusGuidance, this is all taken care for you automatically for every session.
  3. Being able to accept credit cards & payments online - This is much more convenient for clients and makes the process of organising sessions a lot easier, allowing the client to focus on how they are feeling.

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