You can have clinical supervision sessions online, whether you are a supervisor or supervisee. With online supervision sessions becoming more and more popular because of the convenience, our HIPAA-compliant video and audio sessions are a popular choice amongst counsellors and therapists for this type of work.

How it's done

At the moment, a supervisee needs to create a client account, find a therapist on PlusGuidance who provides supervision, and subscribe to a Live Therapy plan. To do this, you need to be logged out and click the sign-up button at the top of our home page. Once you're signed up, you search for your supervisor either through the public search directory or by going directly to your supervisor's profile URL. You connect with them by requesting a free first session, and you either purchase a subscription straight away or wait until you've had the 15-minute session before subscribing. This experience will also give you good insight into clients' experience of PlusGuidance.