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How video, voice, messaging, email and in-person sessions work
Description of our session types on PlusGuidance, and how they work.

How To Get New Clients
If you're new here or don't have enough clients, this guide is for you. Here are the most important things you need to know to have success on PlusGuidance.

How To Respond To Client Free Messages
This guide explains how you can respond to potential clients who message you for the first time. We cover the most common scenarios we hear about from therapists.

FAQ: Stripe Payments
We use Stripe to transfer money from sessions to your bank account. The following answers some of the most frequent questions we've had from you.

How Instant Sessions work
Guide for therapists on how instant sessions work on PlusGuidance.

How booked sessions work
Guide for therapists on how to book and attend booked therapy sessions.

Getting Started
Here's an overview of the things you need to set up on PlusGuidance, so you can start using your online work space and having sessions.

Getting verified
We run a verification process in order to add you to our public directory and search listings. Here's everything you need to know and do to complete this stage.

How the credit system works
This section explains how our PlusGuidance credit system works for you and your clients. The key thing here is that 1 credit = 1 session.

Troubleshooting problems with video & audio sessions
This page provides help with some common video and audio problems on PlusGuidance.

Why you need to use Google Chrome
Why Chrome?

Sharing Files With Clients
You can securely exchange documents and files with clients via PlusGuidance. This guide explains how you do this.

Suicidal Client Guidance
Our guidelines should a client in acute crisis or exhibiting suicidal behaviour contacts you via PlusGuidance

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