Why you need to use Google Chrome

Most internet browsers have not caught up with our new technology!

We only want the best/latest/state of the art Video/Audio quality and security for our customers, so rather than creating a lower quality solution that works on all browsers, we have chosen to create a premium experience for PlusGuidance.com users.

To ensure you get the best experience on PlusGuidance.com we recommend that you always use Chrome browser.

What is Chrome

Chrome is an internet browser built by Google. It is used by 47% of internet users, making it the most widely used browser in the world.

Why you should use Chrome

Why we require you to use Chrome for video or voice sessions

We know that the quality and reliability of sessions is incredibly important to you, that is why it is incredibly important to us.
During testing we found Chome to be the most reliable browser to have audio and video sessions. Chrome copes best with all the different systems people use, things like the type of computer, operating system, internet connection and firewalls.
So that is why if you want to do video or voice sessions we require you to use Chrome.

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