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    There are many different therapeutic approaches and models.  Integrative therapy enables me as a practitioner to tailor the work we do together through drawing on different elements of some of these approaches and models.  Predominantly I use a humanistic, person-centred approach which is rooted in psychodynamic practice.  I have been trained to work with Petruska Clarkson’s Five Therapeutic Relationships model, which suggests there are five types of relationship which may be present between client and therapist at different times. I hold the importance of the relationship between the client and therapist at the core of my practice.  I continue to explore and develop means of holding this using electronic and audio-visual methods of contact.  In addition I have a particular personal and research interest in ways of expressing individual experiences of loneliness and aloneness, states of being we can all grapple with.

    I have worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds, who have brought wide ranging issues to therapy.  These have included loss and grief, low confidence and self-esteem, relationship issues and endings, issues concerning sexuality, anxiety and anxiety attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts, relationship with food, body image, trauma and obsessive and compulsive behaviours and thoughts.  This is not an exhaustive list, but examples of issues individuals may bring to therapy.  As we are all unique and complex so are the causes and shape of our discomfort and distress.  

    My practice is guided by The Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling, produced by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  This outlines the values and principles which I work towards and embrace in my practice.  In particular I am mindful of ensuring client autonomy, the just treatment of clients which acknowledges difference and promoting the overall well-being of clients using a tailored approach.

    I encourage clients to explore different methods of expression within sessions and remain open to any ideas for ways of working clients may bring.  This may include the use of art, poetry, music and photographs.

    What to expect

    Therapy can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience at times, but one which may open up new ways of being and experiencing.  You may have found this site because you are looking for support, find yourself struggling, stuck or in pain and want to find ways to manage or change this. You may be trying to understand a situation you are currently experiencing or the shape and reasoning of experiences in the past. You may find that you want to change or understand specific relationships in your life or better understand patterns of behaviour in these relationships. During more peaceful times, you may use therapy to support personal development.  People seek therapy for many reasons.  We all experience times of change, uncertainty, loss and the uncomfortable and often painful feelings these can bring.  During these times, therapy can provide you with time and space to be in a particular kind of relationship with a trained professional who can work with you to explore your experiences, acceptance and the possibility of change. You may find that this simply provides you with a place to openly be, without judgement or expectation.

    I currently offer online therapy, I am able to provide sessions with the UK and Overseas.

    About me

    My journey into therapeutic practice started over ten years ago when I started volunteering as a helpline worker. My own quest for understanding my experiences and the world around me led me to this place, although I may not have understood this to be the case at the time.  I found the work surprising, challenging at times and humbling.  The imprint left by listening to the many stories of others’ lives caused shifts and ripples in my own experiencing and I decided to move into a career in mental health.  I have since managed a range of voluntary mental health services, including those providing emotional support online, youth mentoring projects, school based mental health awareness programmes, community outreach projects and a low cost community counselling service.  During my time in the sector I completed my therapy training, which has enabled me to work in a different way with clients, often at greater depth or with a particular focus.  I have worked therapeutically online and face to face with adults, young adults and young people offering both brief and longer term therapy.

    I continue to learn, be challenged and grow along with clients as we enter into therapeutic relationships together.  There is always more we can learn about ourselves and most often I think this is when we are in relationship with others. 

    Both within and outside my practice I have a strong interest in the natural environment and continue to explore ways to bring this in to the therapeutic relationship, or to take the relationship outside. I practice meditation and mindfulness, elements of which may also be brought into the relationship if we feel it would support our work together.

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