Addiction Therapy

Is your addiction controlling you instead of the other way around? Addiction is a brain-based illness that some people develop while others don't. If you have it, you need help.

Once you're addicted to something, your brain needs more of it to achieve the same feel-good boost while your self-control and capacity for enjoyment are low when you’re ‘clean’. Therapy can help you out.

Find a therapist who can help you with addiction

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If you have an addiction, it may help you to talk to a therapist. Here's a selection of the verified and qualified therapists on PlusGuidance who can help you identify and work with you to overcome this. Most of them offer consultations.



Prescription drugs e.g. sedatives, hypnotics, anxiolytics such as sleeping pills

Opiods such as heroin

Cannabis, marijuana


Amphetamines e.g. methamphetamine or meth



Phencyclidine, also known as PCP or Angel Dust

Tobacco, nicotine

Other unspecified substances

Gambling addiction

Other behavioural addictions


Withdrawal symptoms after a break from desired thing (e.g. trembling, sweating, rapid pulse, nausea, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue, hallucinations, anxiety, depression, irritability)

Obsession with having access to desired thing

Preoccupation with the desired thing

Increased risk-taking in relation to addiction

Failed attempts to stop or control the addiction

Addiction continues despite negative consequences and knowing it’s bad for you

Increased tolerance of the addictive activity or substance, i.e. you need more of it to satisfy you

Isolating yourself to make it easier to engage in the activity without others knowing about it

Neglect of relationships and life obligations to engage more in the activity

Spending a lot of time planning to fulfill the addiction or recovering from the effects of it

"I had some consultations and then found the therapist I’m now working successfully with. PlusGuidance is giving people opportunities that just haven’t existed before - a new way to approach mental health treatment."

- Rohan

Why Use PlusGuidance

If what we describe above sounds like you, it may be worth talking to a qualified therapist that can help you work your way through this. PlusGuidance is a convenient way to get access to the right therapist for you. The website has a broad list of therapists specialising in addiction and other challenges so you’re bound to find the right one for you.

PlusGuidance also offers you four ways to have sessions with your preferred therapist: Online video, voice calls, messaging or in-person at the therapist's office. All online communications are secure and comply with the highest standards of data protection.


Get the support you need at a time and place that is convenient to you

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Browse our extensive list of therapists to find one that is right for you and then decide whether you want to engage with them online via video, voice or messaging or see them in person

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