Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Alcohol Addiction, sometimes referred to as alcoholism, is when your drinking has turned into a powerful dependence on alcohol. You can't stop drinking even when you know it has serious consequences.

It's a physical and psychological illness as your brain needs more alcohol to achieve the same effect as before, while your self-control and mental health diminish. Only you can decide to beat the addiction.

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If you are addicted to alcohol, it may help you to talk to a therapist. Here's a selection of the verified and qualified therapists on PlusGuidance who can help you identify and work with you to overcome this. Most of them offer consultations.


Withdrawal symptoms after a break from alcohol

You try to hide your drinking from others e.g. by lying to them or hiding bottles

Others are worried about your drinking, and you drink even when it's causing trouble in your relationships

You often drink more than you intend to

You have blackouts when you drink i.e. you can't remember what you did or said

Your tolerance for alcohol has increased, i.e. you need more of it to get the same effect

You feel empty when you don't drink and/or need a drink in order to feel better

It's difficult to stop drinking once you've started, even when you know it's dangerous for you

Spending time planning your next drinking session, preoccupation with drinking

Drinking first thing in the morning or during the night

You neglect friends, family, work, hobbies and other areas of life so you can drink



Sweating - Trembling - Rapid pulse - Racing heart - Palpitations - Breathing difficulties - Tightness in chest - Nausea - Vomiting - Headaches - Insomnia - Appetite loss - Fatigue - Hallucinations - Anxiety - Irritability - Anger outbursts - Restlessness - Poor concentration - Grand mal seizures - Diarrhoea


Decreased sex drive - Blackouts - Memory loss - Weight gain - Dehydration - Reddening of face during or after drinking - Alcohol poisoning if consumed too much


Mood swings - Depression - Suicidal thoughts - Personality breakdown - Relationship issues - Feelings of emptiness, emotional pain or stress when not drinking - Feelings of shame or guilt over drinking habits - Social withdrawal - Sense of being bored when not drinking - Anger issues - Inattention to practical matters like work or chores - Increased risk-taking


Diabetes - Heart disease - High blood pressure - Blood-shot eyes - Whites of your eyes turning yellow - Wrinkles, premature ageing of skin - Rosacea (reddening of skin) - Liver and breast cancer - Dementia - Liver damage - Impotence - Ulcers - Infertility - Stroke - Heart muscle damage - Alcohol poisoning - Obesity

"I had some consultations and then found the therapist I’m now working successfully with. PlusGuidance is giving people opportunities that just haven’t existed before - a new way to approach mental health treatment."

- Rohan

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If what we describe above sounds like you, it may be worth talking to a qualified therapist that can help you work your way through this. PlusGuidance is a convenient way to get access to the right therapist for you. The website has a broad list of therapists specialising in alcohol addiction and other challenges so you’re bound to find the right one for you.

PlusGuidance also offers you four ways to have sessions with your preferred therapist: Online video, voice calls, messaging or in-person at the therapist's office. All online communications are secure and comply with the highest standards of data protection.


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