Emotional Abuse Therapy

Emotional abuse - also called psychological abuse - is the ongoing abuse of a child, partner or other person, involving systematic behaviours and tactics to control, humiliate and put you down.

The psychological pain arising from it often turns into mental health or physical issues in the long term. Therapy can, however, help process these problems so you can live a fulfilling and emotionally healthier life.

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If you are a victim of emotional abuse, it may help you to talk to a therapist. Here's a selection of the verified and qualified therapists on PlusGuidance who can help you identify and work with you to overcome this. Most of them offer consultations.


Threatening or shouting at you

Constantly criticising or humiliating you

Making you perform degrading acts

Blaming or scapegoating you

Calling you demeaning names, making you the subject of jokes, using sarcasm to hurt you

Persistently ignoring or neglecting you

Preventing you from having friends

Pushing you too hard and not recognising your limitations

Manipulating you

Ignoring your individuality and personal needs

Trying to control your life

Never showing emotions in interactions with you as a child (emotional neglect), failure to promote your social development, saying anything positive or kind, or congratulate your achievements as a child


Problems sleeping, nightmares

Increased risk-taking, self-harm

Drug and alcohol abuse

Eating disorders


Anxiety, hypervigilance and fear

Suicidal thoughts

Low self-esteem

Poor social skills

Distrust of others, takes time to open up to others

Emotional instability

Social withdrawal

Physical pains without a clear cause

Questioning your own memory of the abuse

"I had some consultations and then found the therapist I’m now working successfully with. PlusGuidance is giving people opportunities that just haven’t existed before - a new way to approach mental health treatment."

- Rohan

Why Use PlusGuidance

If what we describe above sounds like you, it may be worth talking to a qualified therapist that can help you work your way through this. PlusGuidance is a convenient way to get access to the right therapist for you. The website has a broad list of therapists specialising in emotional abuse and other challenges so you’re bound to find the right one for you.

PlusGuidance also offers you four ways to have sessions with your preferred therapist: Online video, voice calls, messaging or in-person at the therapist's office. All online communications are secure and comply with the highest standards of data protection.


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