Sexual Abuse Therapy

Sexual abuse - or sexual violence - involves sexual acts or indications of such, directed at a non-consenting person. It's often complex and hard to deal with, especially when it involves someone you know.

Sometimes, it takes the form of verbal harassment or inappropriate inclusion of the victim in the abuser's sexual enactment. Not addressing it can lead to serious mental health issues, but therapy can help.

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If you have been sexually abused, it may help you to talk to a therapist. Here's a selection of the verified and qualified therapists on PlusGuidance who can help you identify and work with you to overcome this. Most of them offer consultations.


Rape - sexual intercourse or penetration against a person's will

Sexual assault - sexual act or coercion of act on a non-consenting person

Sexual harassment - harassment involving unwanted sexual advances or remarks

Child sexual abuse - sexual acts on or with the inclusion of a child

Incest - sexual contact between family members

Intimate partner sexual violence - sexual acts by a partner on a non-consenting partner


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), flashbacks, disturbing thoughts, memories or emotions, shock reactions to being touched, feeling detached from reality, anger or irritability, denial or repression of the sexual abuse

Anxiety, panic attacks, worrying that the abuser is still a threat, sleeping problems or nightmares

Self-harm, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts or suicide, substance abuse or addiction

Relationship and sexual issues, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt

Physical signs as a result of the sexual act (e.g. pregnancy, genital bleeding, bodily pains)

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If what we describe above sounds like you, it may be worth talking to a qualified therapist that can help you work your way through this. PlusGuidance is a convenient way to get access to the right therapist for you. The website has a broad list of therapists specialising in sexual abuse and other challenges so you’re bound to find the right one for you.

PlusGuidance also offers you four ways to have sessions with your preferred therapist: Online video, voice calls, messaging or in-person at the therapist's office. All online communications are secure and comply with the highest standards of data protection.


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